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Finished Whole30 on 9/15


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I finished my whole30 this past Saturday.

AFTER I turned down cheesecake for my boys' birthdays at dinner time.

I still didn't want any on Sunday :D

I have learned so much over the past 30 days. About how I think of myself, food, and pretty much everything else.

It was not difficult to eliminate any foods or drinks. I am good with going cold turkey on such things. What concerns me is maintaining the good habits. My husband mentioned this morning that he was going to put splenda in his coffee. We've sorta been thru this, but I just said-ok-he can do whatever. He asked if I wanted any-um NO. Not only do I really like the coffee/coconut milk thing, but I know that should I start w/ the splenda-it will lead in a very short time to justifying diet Coke, and then, ugh... Happy to say I don't miss any of this stuff. Don't care to head down a slippery slope,either. (For the record- 2 splenda was too sweet for him-so maybe he'll go down to one then back to none. whatever. )

I have decided to continue exactly as I have been for the last 30 days. If something so extraordinary comes up that involves an off-plan food, I will consider having it.

Right now, I know that this week holds no such promise, so I can happily continue on what I have come to enjoy and feel really good about eating.

Next week may be different. (Not likely, but you never know :P )

I also am planning and have already started a Fitness30. This will involve 30 minutes of cardio every day-running, walking the dog, bicycling, whatever- and three days/week of weight lifting. I've got a goofy hip that acts up from time to time, so am sometimes hesitant to go too crazy with the cardio-and I don't really think it's necessary anyway.

Recap of my whole30:

Ate 100% compliant ,very delicious foods for 30 days

Ate very few snacks

No wine, no diet coke, !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Better sleep - makes me VERY happy

Tried some new recipes-my life has changed because of zucchini noodles.OMG

I am feeling generally so much calmer than I can ever remember. Just relaxed overall. Almost in a snuggly, sleepy way, without feeling tired.

I was able to have my husband on this journey with me-which was huge for success

I don't have any cravings for sugar-which I really want to work on for a long time. who needs it ???!!!

I know I have lost some weight-definitely see it in my face and overall,but am not going to get on the scale, because I don't want to be ruled by that number-OR let that number dictate the type of success I have had. I was expecting to be falling out of my tighter jeans-not so, but they do feel better.

What Could I have done Better:

Exercise more regularly

Maybe a little more prep time spent on weekends

Drinking more water

I am continuing on, and will be happy to share what I have learned with anyone who wants to know !

So-to Dallas and Melissa and all the awesome people here- a huge THANK YOU for helping me gain control after a long time of thinking I had none !

See ya after my workout tomorrow :lol:

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