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Sulfites Free - in Brazil?


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Hi Everyone -


I'm looking for anyone who has done (or is doing) the Whole30 in Brazil. I am having THE WORST time trying to find anything pantry ready that doesn't have sodium or potassium sulfites (INS 223, INS 224, metabissulfito de sodio/potasio).


I had to resort to making my own coconut milk - and while everyone says "it's so easy" it is NOT as easy as buying it off the shelf and having it on hand. I am working on changing my habits - but Coconut milk is only good in the fridge for 4 days and requires even more planning in advance if you plan to use it in a recipe. Granted - if it was only the coconut milk, it wouldn't be a problem because freshly ground coconut is easy to get at the street markets, but it isn't.


I haven't found ONE vineager on the shelves (even looking at imported ones) that doesn't list the forbidden sulfites on the list. I know they are naturally occuring but all the labels I've read have listed it as "conservador". Does anyone know of any brand that doesn't use them?


Also, since Brazil (at least not São Paulo) never really got into the whole "canning" thing. What do you do for an alternative to mason jars for making your own salsas, tomato sauces, etc in advance?  I can't afford to pay $30 for 1 mason jar :(


Also for those NOT in Brazil - after finishing your Whole 30 - how bad is it to re-add foods that DO contain sulfites (like the vineagars)? I'd like to leave them out for the most part, but since EVERYTHING seems to have them in them I assume restaurant foods do as well. Is it okay if you don't have sensitivity to them?

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Okay -


A minor update.  Still not sure about the Sulfite issue in nearly every canned, bottled or pre-packaged thing known to Brazilian kind. HOWEVER - I managed to find a few brands of vineagar that do not have additional Sulfites added.


These were found in a health food store. I had checked other health food stores that carry similar products, but this one happened to carry the following brands: Rossani, Vinagre São Francisco, & Artcrana. They also carried two organic certified apple cider vineagars that did not contain Sulfites. 


On a side note the same store also also carries Ghee, Cashew Nut Butter, Avocado Oil (also sesame & flaxseed - all cold press), and a few other products along those lines. For those looking at swapping to a more Paleo lineup following Whole30 - they also have chocolate sweetened with Coconut Sugar. Most of their product line up is still geared towards Diabetic friendly, Gluten Free, or general "health" (AKA lots of whole grains and seeds and alternative flours) and weight loss, but if they carry them other stores must.


I have still not found a local supplier for "Coconut Aminos" if anyone knows of a brand or name of this product in Portuguese please let me know! I've tried searching for "Coconut Tree Sap" and found one seller - but the website was questionable and they didn't answer my email requesting a list of ingredients. I'm guessing it must have an alternate name - or only be found imported.


Also - just a heads up. I noticed that a few brands of Organic Coconut Flour - were not 100% coconut. Instead they were a mix of Almond and Coconut. 

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