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Longer than 30 days & the scale

C. Logan

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Technically, Whole30 rules are for 30 days. There is no particular official guidance for a Whole60. Weighing once a month seems reasonable, if you're going to weigh yourself at all. 


You might want to consider why it is you want to weigh, and how you'll feel after you do. What happens if you weigh and you've gained? Or lost? Or stayed exactly the same? Will any of those scenarios cause you to be unhappy? Will they change how you're eating, even if at the end of day 30 you're feeling really good? I know from my own past as someone who weighed once a week (and occasionally more), if I felt like I'd eaten right and exercised, but still gained, sometimes I'd be like, screw it then, I'm having doughnuts. Or if I had weeks where I hadn't eaten well or exercised and still lost weight, some part of my mind thought, hey, let me do that again this week, clearly it worked. Neither of those reactions was really very helpful long term. Those are the kind of reactions you want to avoid, so really think about how stepping on that scale on day 31 is going to affect you.

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