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Sodium Carbonate?


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I've searched far and wide and with the exception of a question on the blog about 'sodium carbonate' in cocoa powder that was never answered, I can't find any reference to this ingredient related to the Whole30.


I noticed two versions of Diestel sliced turkey (packaged) at my Whole Foods that shockingly look compliant but for this one ingredient: sodium carbonate.  


I know sodium bicarbonate is OK, but one extra carbon atom makes this a totally different substance and potentially on the order of the difference between water and hydrogen peroxide! It looks like sodium carbonate is commonly used as a water softener, so I assume in these quantities it won't kill me, but is it OK on Whole30?


Any guidance?

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Nothing in the Whole30 rules says you can't have it, so you wouldn't be breaking the rules if you do.


On the other hand, some of the articles I'm seeing in a quick search online make it sound not so great. I think, unless I've missed something somewhere, it falls under, you can have it -- but you might want to read about it first.



If anyone else finds a definitive answer either way, hopefully they'll weigh in.

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