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I'm angry all the time.....


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I'm on day 9 of my first whole30. I started preparing a week before and gave up alcohol and cut way back on a few of the no-no's to help lessen the effects of the first week on whole 30.


So far, I haven't had any issues. I have zero cravings, fruit is tasting incredibly sweet to me, I'm full after not eating very much food and sometimes it's hard to make myself eat. We've gone out twice and I made it through with eating only compliant food. I started a digestive enzyme after reading how many people rave about them. I feel better, my face is clearing up, and my clothes aren't as tight.


Main Problem: I'm Angry all the time. My anger started yesterday- it's almost similar to PMS but it feels ten times worse. I have tried controlling it, but it seems that no matter what I say or think- I am just plain angry. I don't feel like it's related to food, I'm not even mad about not being able to eat my favorite foods. I was thinking it was stress (leaving on a business trip tonight) but my stress-relieving remedies aren't helping either... I know there is the "kill everything" phase but this just seems so much worse than what I have read about and I'm in my second week.


Any insight would be great- I can't take it anymore (and my husband can't either).

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There are two things to consider.


One is that you have not been eating enough starchy veggies and your body and brain is suffering from the lack of carbs. Many people feel and perform better (and are nicer) when they eat one or two fist-size servings of starchy veggies per day.


The other possibility is that your hunger signals are not working and you are not eating enough. Your anger could be as close to a hunger signal as you are getting at present. I mention this because many people fail to eat enough as they do a Whole30. It is important to never eat less than our meal planning template minimum... 


How much to eat
And when following the meal template, many people eat too few veggies because they scatter salad on a plate and think that means they have filled the plate with veggies. By filling a plate with veggies, we mean much more substance than a layer of salad. 
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Thank you- I know for a fact that I am not eating as much food as I should be. I have always had a hard time eating.


Before whole30- I often use to forget to eat and wouldn't realize it until I got home from work at 830 and then i would devour pasta like ti was my job.


Since starting whole 30, I have made an effort to at least eat 1-2 eggs and some veggies every morning- and i usually am forcing this down. For lunch, I usually eat leftovers or if I don't have any, then I'm eating 1 whole zucchini and at least half an avocado, sometimes I will run out and get a green smoothie if I'm extremely low on food. My dinners follow whole 30 portion size the most- meat & lots of veggies (either kale, zucchini/squash, asparagus and sometimes roasted potatoes) & I'm cooking everything using either olive oil or coconut oil. It's just really hard to force myself to eat if I'm not hungry. So far I've stayed away from salads bc I haven't had time to whip up a compliant dressing and it's just not the same with only olive oil.


I'll continue to work myself up to eating more at each meal and hopefully that will relieve some of this anger. 

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I'd suggest getting in 1-2 fist-sized servings of carb-dense veggies daily. Potatoes, sweet potatoes, carrots, beets, rutabaga, jicama, parsnips, and plantains are among your choices.

When eggs are your sole protein, the serving size is the number of whole eggs you can hold in one hand without dropping them. For most folks, that's 3-4 eggs. If increasing the eggs feels overwhelming, add another protein.

Smoothies are discouraged as they're typically not satiating.

How about starting to eat within an hour of waking, working your way around the plate to get in protein, veg and fat until you're full, then set your phone alarm for 5 and 10 hours out to be sure you're eating a meal every 5 hours?

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