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Hello friends!

I'm glad to be back in the W30 fold. Really! I am finishing up Day 4 of my second Whole30 after a lovely summer of indulgence. And my puffy body has paid the price. 


I need to reassess. You'd think by my age I would have this all figured out. I DID raise 3 healthy, active children who are teaching good eating habits to their children...well most of them.


My challenge last time was to get overwhelmed by the preparation. I was overenthusiastic. The food was wonderful, sometimes a little strange, but I tried it all. Sometimes several recipes a day. Crazy! 


This time my approach is different. I am planning leftovers for lunch and breakfast. I have embraced vegetables at my breakfast. I don't miss milk. Wine and cheese, yes, but I can do this!


My husband doesn't understand this program, doesn't really want to. He's happy with the food, though. In preparation I created a half page list of non-compliant foods and the Do Not Weigh - Do Not Measure for 30 days rule. That's posted on the side of the refrigerator. He's looked at it several times. Today I planned a hamburger for lunch. Plain, low-fat with some frozen vegetables and ghee. He was surprised..."You can eat beef?" He had a piece of my breakfast frittata for lunch, which was better than his usual go-to hot dogs. So I have a challenge there. My support must come from the forum.


Oh, preparation. This time I set goals. I actually sat down and typed them out..and PRINTED THEM! I created a daily journal page to help me easily check off exercise, water consumption, moods, write meals and list my daily schedule. I'm one of those people who like lists, straight lines, you know. I don't like writing a diary. The goals and the journal pages are in a small binder on my kitchen counter with my grocery list book. I have always, or at least for a really long time, kept my grocery list in a 5x8 spiral book so I can plan a week's menu (flexible) and note recipe pages and cookbooks/websites. 


I'm still doing that, but one goal is to write down the 3 meals for tomorrow at the end of each day. I hate breakfast. This helps me not have to think about it. It's wonderful. I just have to read what I have already planned and have ready to go. Lunch is the same and I take out any frozen meat to defrost overnight for the next day's dinner. On my schedule I will update each week so I can adjust for a busy day, make that dinner easy or a reprise from earlier in the week.


I went a little crazy and bought the W30 cookbook and read through it all before my restart. I took a rainy Saturday and sketched out several week's worth of menus. That was a lot of work, but I have a varied plan almost up to Thanksgiving. It's all a suggestion, but WHEW! my grocery list for this week is almost complete. I just have to add what ever we ran out of this week.


Oh, Natural Calm. This supplement is mentioned in ISWF. Try it! It helps keep you regular in a very comfortable way. TMI? I'm sorry. But it is a good product! If you research magnesium you will find that this is a supplement that we need to increase in our diet, or in our bathtub! Magnesium salts and a little bubble bath (and candles, soothing music, a lovely drink - I had ice water because my bath was very warm - lovely!) together provide a "me" time that is beneficial to our bodies and soul. Peaceful. Restful. AHHHHH.


So, today's meals:

B: Spinach and tomato frittata. Clementine. Plain decaffienated tea.  20 oz. water.

L: Lowfat Beef Hamburger, frozen vegetables, ghee. Decaffienated tea - plain. Green grapes.

D: Seared Pork Chop, small baked sweet potato, steamed broccoli. Ghee. Black coffee. 20 oz water with Natural Calm.


Now I'm going to check in with my Daily Whole30 to say "I did it!" I love getting the daily emails! I also love that the cost was reduced since this is my second time around. Little pleasures!


Best wishes!


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Found Ya!!!

You Motivate me !!! What did you think about the Kombucha ? I had one bottle and it reminded me of tequila- then I read somewhere that there may actually be some levels of alcohol...in certain types of Kombucha !! I think I need to try a fruit flavor - the lime was too "tequila" for me !!

Planning is always the best plan- I find if I don't plan - I fail or I don't eat enough.

Looking forward to seeing how your 30 goes.


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Well, I bought two bottles of "enlightened" Ginger kombucha and a cranberry something. I thought the small glass I had at dinner was interesting. I liked that it was not sweet, especially with dinner. At $3.00 a bottle I'll try a couple before jumping in and making it.

How difficult is kombucha to make?

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Wrap up Day 5!

I started off today with. 4.25 mile walk. Yay me! I have a standing appointment with a friend to walk the trail in a park and the weather here is fantastic! It was nice. I had energy and felt great afterwards.

I'm also feeling less puffy in the tummy. Keep it coming!

I know walking is not enough, though. I have to do core exercises. Ugh. One of my goals is to go to the gym once a week and to walk three times a week.

Today's meals -

B: left over frittata

L: lo chicken breast and frozen string beans, sliced almonds and ghee, Apple

D: Ground turkey hot plate with onions, garlic, celery, green pepper, red skinned potato, spinach. Kombucha.

This was my first taste of Kombucha. I tried one of the "enlightened" (sugar free) varieties at Whole Foods. I tried a ginger flavor and bought another cranberry variety. At $3.00 a bottle it's way more expensive than a gallon of milk. If it grows on me I may have to look into making it. Sounds daunting!

Tomorrow is grocery day and my list is made. Thank heavens! I'll check it again, my husband will add milk, cereal, ice cream, bread, hot dogs, ...well, you understand. Actually, the half page of non-compliant foods I put on the 'fridge has really helped him understand what I am trying to avoid. If I just told him he would have forgotten. He did insist we provide "good candy" for Halloween, so I bought a big bag at Costco. It is still sealed. Hopefully it will stay that way until Saturday. I think I'll be ok.

Tomorrow I'm going to try making clarified butter just for the experience, and because I love butter. But I am really enjoying cooking with coconut oil.

Good night!

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Day 6

I was really tired today, and it's my "I want a nap" day. but last night I had so much energy that I couldn't get to sleep until 3:30 am. Sheez.

I had a late start and ate breakfast around 8:30, and then wasn't hungry for lunch. All-in-all a wacky day.

Today's meals

B: 2 Fried eggs and mashed sweet potatoes


D: Roasted Root Vegetables (pg. 292, W30 cookbook), Organic Chicken sausage

The root vegetables were interesting, rutabaga, turnips, parsnips and carrots. Well, I knew what carrots were but I had to ask the produce staff where the others were. The veggies were good, but they DID shrink up quite a lot. The curry sauce is fantastic! I have extra that will find its way on my morning eggs and maybe my tuna fish and sweet potatoes.

Oh, I was buying a new container of Natural Calm and was reading labels. The flavored versions have stevia in the mix. Stick with the original!

Have a good sleep! I'm going to try.

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I think I'm cooking myself int a corner. I get excitedly then try too much and then get overwhelmed. Today I strained and divided the beef bone broth - and cleaned up those dishes. Cooked sweet potatoes and prepared the crust for Shepherd's Pie. Peeled and diced the vegetables for the pie and put it all together. Washed all those dishes.And then checked to or row'so plan to make chili. I'm looking forward to the chili, except I'm running out of freezer containers and space in the freezer. And I have 2/3 of the Shepherds Pie left.

So, I decided to postpone the chili. The ground beef is now in the freezer and leftovers will be an easy meal before he sweet trick or treaters start around 6.

Sunday my mother always comes to spend the afternoon away from the nursing home and to have a nice dinner. We are going to have steak and I was going to make Roasted Brussel Sprouts and Butternut Squash, but I think we'll finish off he Roasted Root Vegetables, which I froze. Whew! I feel somewhat relieved.

Now I need to figure out a main dish to take Tuesday night to the Church Women's meeting. I have ground turkey. Any suggestions for a dish?


Today's meals

B: 2 eggs cooked in ghee, mashed sweet potato (1/3cup), manderin orange

L: 2 salmon cakes, avocado, handful of almonds, Apple. (it was 2:00 after my volunteer day and I was hungry!)

D: Shepherd's Pie, kombucha. Coffee with coconut milk.

After coming home and doing the cooking I realized I was getting an aura that presaged a migraine. I took 2 aspirin and a little later took 2 more. The aura is gone, I can read, but my cheekbones hurt. Could be an atmosphere thing. We're having some big storms go through this part of the country. Could be stress. Well, you know, could be anything.

I think I caught it from Tina!

Tomorrow is Saturday and if we don't have to paddle our way, we will go downtown to the big Farmer's Market for those Brussel Sprouts.

Today I really would have liked to drink some wine! A lot of wine. I finished my bottle of ginger kombucha and topped it off with club soda. Weeee.

Oh, I wore my new pants from this summer. So I have lost some of the puffiness in the tummy. But that darn middle section.

Hope your week turned out well!.

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What a week!

  • Mom fell and needed to have the wound in her head "glued" in the ER
  • Meetings, meetings, meetings
  • Out of town family stayed for a looong weekend
  • 40th anniversary

...and boy was I tempted! Margaritas, beer, other adult beverages abounded during visiting vacationers and celebration. Cupcakes were consumed at a bakery luncheon.


Anyway, I managed to stay compliant. 


I have been thinking about my cravings. They really aren't cravings, but more like habits. I want to join in...for a minute or so. But afterwards I don't feel lacking. at all. Tonight's anniversary was out to a movie and to a local chain restaurant. They had several fish entrees, all in sauce, seeds, etc. I had a filet with broccoli and string beans. Yum! Club soda and black coffee while my sweetie had a beer and desert. 


Some of the cupcakes came home with us. Mini lovelies filled with icing. I'm ok. No urgent need to piece on them or the Halloween candy that's still nearby.


But I do worry about after this Whole30. I'll be finished right before Thanksgiving, so I can have a glass of wine with my guests. Then I think I'll do another W30 to help me through the holidays. Sounds like a plan right now.


Another busy week coming, but no guests and hopefully no ER visits so all should be doable. I need to get more exercise in. Maybe this is the week!


I hope so.

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This is a much better week, but I got tired of cooking and planning. and I want to have some money left at the end of the month to buy Thanksgiving dinner food. Did you see the article that since pigs are plentiful, ham will be cheaper than turkey?


We will have turkey. Maybe not the lovingly raised turkey that we had last year. Way too much money for this retiree's wallet.


Here are my thoughts for Thanksgiving, I'd appreciate your ideas. The items in ( ) will be brought by guests.


(Appetizer ) bowl of almonds, veggies with avocado mayo dip

Turkey, separate bread stuffing, gravy, string beans w/almonds browned in ghee, mashed sweet potatoes, savory applesauce with cranberries, canned cranberry sauce - for the traditionalists.



(wine) non-alcoholic beverage, club soda, coffee


Any suggestions? I will have ended  my W30 and will start another in December. I am making progress, but need to make more.


I am struggling with the urges to eat..I think because I'm bored. Or because someone else is. Stopping when full and pushing the plate away is still a challenge. If I use a small plate and have something to do and need to eat quickly I never feel deprived, or hungry.  Working on it. Need more time.



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I can't believe I'm already through Day 20! Again crazy stressful day. Spent the morning meeting a new neurologist for my husband and then fighting with the resident MD to allow my elderly mother go to the Parkinson's rehab her neurologist prescribed. Finally all was completed successfully, mom liked her dinner was in her pjs and I went home to make dinner. Boy_an ice tea glass filled with alcohol sounded perfect. Instead I had a glass of kombachu. I made it through the evening.


B: 2 scrambled eggs & 1/3 c. mashed sweet potatoes (only 1 left in the freezer, will have to make more)

L: 1 Applegate Organics chicken & apple sausage and some leftover root vegetables with curry sauce.

D: Starving! Baked salmon & broccoli. Kombachu


Tomorrow is another fun day - go to holy store to buy replacement rosary for the one taken from my mother's room, volunteer, Financial Advisor meeting, visit mom in rehab, make dinner and do not have alcoholic beverage! 


Did you know that on the Alzheimer Association's website they state that an inflammatory diet is a cause for Alzheimer's? Just saying..............


Have a lovely Friday!

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