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Melissa's 1st Whole30, Day 1 + CrossFit


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Winding down on day 1 of my 1st Whole30 journey and so far feeling great! I am doing this for health reasons as well as to improve my workouts at CrossFit.

Day 1 food log:

Breakfast (8am): Fritatta with zucchini, onion, venison sausage and spinach cooked in coconut oil

Lunch (noon): GF Beef Brisket, sweet potato cakes and salad with homemade vinaigrette

Pre-WO (3pm): 2 deviled eggs made with homemade mayo and Bubbie's pickles for the relish

Post-WO/Dinner (6:30pm): GF ground beef burger, homemade ketchup, beet/carrot/radish "slaw" and a whole zucchini sauteed in a small amount of coconut oil

I plan on incorporating fruit and nuts but thought I'd give it a couple days without so I don't rely on them so much.

Crossfit was at 4:30 so I just wish I could have eaten immediately after the workout but that's tough to do!!!!

Does this seem like enough food? And I have already discovered that preparation is the key to success!

Hope things keep going this smoothly...... :)

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It is hard to tell how much you are eating, but if the protein portion is the size of your palm and the veggies fill the rest of the plate, and you have a good dollop for fat, you're okay.

The post-workout meal must be eaten within about 20 minutes of ending the workout. You have to take your food to the gym. I used to take sardines packed in water when I went to the gym, but whatever you do, you have to eat it within the window while your muscles are especially open to eating. If you eat later, your recovery is not as good because your muscles don't feed as well.

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