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Gluten free same as non-gluten grains?


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This is probably a stupid question, but I finished Whole30 and am wondering if I screwed up reintroduction of non-gluten grains.  Is non-gluten grain same as a gluten free product? 


Day 36: Reintroduced wine (red) - no problems but a bit of a headache next am....it was the sugar for sure.  It was my anniversary, so we had three glasses instead of the suggested 1-2.


Day 46: Reintroduced legumes - diet compliant EXCEPT breakfast included apple with peanut butter, lunch didn't have a legume, dinner had chili with black beans/kidney beans that had been soaked for 12 hours, then rinsed/cooked.  Next day had leftovers for dinner, otherwise compliant.  Felt good, but probably needed to try hummus, just didn't have time to make it.


Day 50: Reintroduced non-gluten grains (I think....)


Breakfast - 2 scrambled eggs; 1.5 cups gluten-free steel cut oatmeal with banannas & raspberries; coffee w/ compliant almond milk


Lunch - 12 oz tuna w/ macademia nuts, avocado, onions, kale, lettuce, garlic, choya hot sauce, tessamae mayo, snowpeas.


Dinner - not sure yet.... vegan mac & cheese (2 c. gluten free elbow pasta & vegan "cheese" made with cashews, potatoes, carrot, onion) & two hard boiled eggs.


But after eating the pasta, I've had a miserable headache, and have felt constipated all day (truthfully that started the night before this reintroduction - could it be the beans? Also have been low iron so took some iron pills about 5 days before these symptoms showed up, and on tail end of an ear infection which has been better but still taking antibiotics). 


So did I screw up and confuse non-gluten grains with gluten free items? The pasta was corn and rice flour.  I have been delaying reintros because of illness, etc, but really want to move forward. Dairy will be my final item because I suspect I have issues with it, and I really love cheese....


I agree with other posters - reintroduction is MUCH harder than the 30 days. I plan t return to a mostly whole 30 diet after reintroductions - just want to know where I can go off-plan as needed for convenience - without really negative impacts!



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Some gluten-free items may be made using non gluten grains, but others are not.


Non-gluten grains would be things like corn, rice, quinoa, or oats. Some of the gluten-free baked goods you may find at the store may use flours made from non-gluten grains in place of wheat flour, but some may use nut flours or coconut flours -- those are not grains of any kind, they just happen to work in a similar way to flour in some recipes.

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