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Happy to be here - Whole30 November :D


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I'll be starting Whole30 on November 1st! I am really stoked to start, and I feel like I really need it! 

I will be doing NaNoWriMo (writing a novel in November) along with it, so I have two good excuses to keep my social calendar free and a way to keep my mind occupied when I want to eat everything :P 

I have PCOS and am overweight, I have had bad acne for the last 11-ish years and I am SO ready to change. I spend way too much time feeling sluggish, brain foggy, not wanting to get out of bed, unproductive, bloated, and craving everything - especially sugar and carbs. 

I am hoping to teach myself better habits regarding food and eating, and of course see some physical improvement as well. But really, if I can feel happier, have more energy and lose just a few kgs, I will be SO happy! :) 


So... here goes everything! Can't wait for the 1st to roll around - meanwhile, I'll be prepping, prepping, and doing some more prepping :P 

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Prepping is key!


Also yay, NaNoWriMo! I was considering doing it this year but I'm still finishing a draft so I'll postpone until next year. But I already get so excited whenever I hear (or read) people talking about it.

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