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Ordering at Elevation Burger


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Does anyone have any thoughts/observations about ordering at elevation burger?



I have gathered that the burgers are safe, but what about condiments? Ketchup is obviously out, but mustard? pickles?  Anyone ever ask about their caramelized onions?


And I saw that there is a salad with chicken - does anyone know if their chicken is compliant?




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You would need to ask at the restaurant or call and speak with a manager during non-meal times. They don't appear to have an allergens guide on their website.

Things you need to ask:

- cooking fats and seasonings used for the burger, onions, chicken etc. (seasonings are suspect for gluten, soy, sugar and MSG). 
- ingredients in condiments. Pickles are tricky to find compliant: can be suspect for sugar, sulphites, etc. 

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