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cravings still raging, day 20


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finishing day 20. have stuck to program with all guidelines, but cravings are still rampant. i survived halloween today and i wont eat any of the candy because i have made a committment to see this through, but i still want it. i still think about cake and sweets (my weak area). ive been trying to really cut back fruit b/c i use it as a crutch sometimes (i have had 2 larabars in the 20 days, both used poorly when i wanted something sweet due to stress and caved). im aware of how i am using the fruit (and the 2 larabars), but its been hard. i am also eating a lot of winter squash-probably more than i should. the thought of totally removing fruit and starchy veggies is something i cant even deal with-i have gone down that route before (on atkins style approaches) and its just not sustainable. i just wish i could get past these cravings and i fear i never will-that it will just be something i always struggle with. (separately, and not helping much-i have stayed off the scale, but do not see much if any change in my clothes-so that is adding some frustration on top of things). 


any thoughts? 

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It's only been 20 days. Be patient with yourself.

Try experimenting with non-food ways to respond to stress. Note that stress can also cause you to hold onto weight.

If you'd like to post a few days worth of your food log, including portion sizes, any exercise, daily water consumption and nightly hours of sleep, we can see if additional tweaks could help.

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Nowhere does Whole30 say to remove fruit and starchy vegetables. We often tell people on the forum who are having a rough time to increase their starchy vegetables. Some people do cut out fruit because they feel it helps them overcome their sugar dragon, but that is not an official recommendation of Whole30, and if you don't want to give up fruit, don't. It's perfectly fine to add some fruit to your meals. 


The best way to help with cravings is to make sure you're not hungry, by eating plenty of food, including plenty of fat and starchy vegetables. While it's ideal to only eat every 4-5 hours, if you are hungry, or if you have a craving so strong that you can't get past it, eat something -- just don't eat something sweet, because that tends to just make you crave more sweet. Have a handful of olives, or some leftover meat and vegetables, or a hard boiled egg and mayo. Protein and fat, and maybe some vegetables. 


Other than that, if you're sure it's not hunger and is just craving/habit/stress or emotional eating, try distracting yourself. Clean something, go for a walk, read a book, paint your nails, work on a hobby -- do something that keeps your mind and your hands busy for a while, and the craving will pass.

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thanks all.


i havent been logging my food (one habit i have tried to let go of on the whole 30, i have previously been a my fitness pal addict), but here goes



3 egg muffins with peppers/onions, 1/4 guac, 1cup fresh salsa and some sauerkraut. sometimes add in the winter squash


B2: homemade turkey chili with veggies, sweet potatoes and a big scoop of guac


L1: big salad with can of tuna and primal mayo, some nuts chopped in or big salad with chicken and avocado


D1: grilled chicken thighs and a veggie w/ sweet potato

D2: chili (same from breakfast) w/ guac

D3: steak w/ string beans and kabocha squash

D4: pork tenderloin w/ kabocha squash


there was definitely also some fruit happening, but i cant remember when. a couple of times between meals or eating a piece while cutting up some for my son. there have also been a couple of run-ins with the jar of almond butter  :( and the bag of shredded coconut. 


the issue with the squash is i make big batches in the oven and then i eat some off the tray when it comes out of the oven. sometimes i eat a lot. im sure its adding up and im aware im doing it, its just another hard habit to break. 


sleep is fine, i dont have issues there. 8-9 hours every night. water intake is pretty good-not quite the full half body weight in ounces (which in my case is about 85-90) but about 2/3 of the way there. 


i usually dont have any starchy veggies at lunch and maybe thats the issue. b/c the times i end up eating the fruit or almond butter or squash off the tray is usually between lunch  and dinner. ive been so focused on having my breakfasts prepared ahead of time (which have been great and filling) that lunch is getting a little neglected. im still eating lunch and its compliant, but sometimes it doesnt do the trick. 


there are so many issues to address with the whole 30-eating the compliant foods seems to be the easiest part, its battling the habits and cravings that are the hardest. 

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Protein and fat will eventually quiet the sugar dragon. I also keep laCroix in the fridge, and use that as a "treat" when I want a little something. If I really struggle with a craving and need to stay strong, I'll brush my teeth, or make some mint tea; the thought of sweets when my mouth is clean doesn't appeal.

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Obviously, the moderators are your best source of info, but I'll just toss this out there....  


For me, fruit by itself will *always* create a craving at some point in time, maybe even hours later. I can have it with a meal, but definitely not by itself.

If I have M1 with compliant protein and compliant fat, and compliant vegs, but balance the vegs & the fruit about 50/50, I will have unreal cravings mid afternoon.

At the beginning of this W30 round, I couldn't even have fruit at the end of a meal.... I'd be "hungry" soon after.


So I mostly cut out fruit, and if I did have some, it was as part of a full template, fully compliant meal, when I would eat the biggest template possible, including 3 cups of vegs, and only then would I have a small amount of fruit, and usually at the first of the meal, not at the end. Snacking on fruit might have the same effect on you; ditto for the squash. If you find yourself reaching for that squash snack, add something to it (fat, protein... couple bites) just to keep the insulin spike down.


Might be worth a try. Hope something works for you soon.... struggling with this is stressful for you & your body. Best of luck in finding your unique solution. 

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I am currently on my second whole30, but I had the same issue you described with my first round.  It was BAD, I would basically binge on fruit, nuts, dates and larabars......basically defeating the purpose of why I wanted to do the program (kick the sugar habit).  I did find though that when I had a really intense craving it helped to eat a hard boiled egg so I kept my fridge stocked. 


On my current round I swore off all dried fruits and larabars.  I will have fruit and nuts, but only as part of an entree and not a "side" (so pork and apples or a chicken salad with strawberries).  I'm having a much easier time this round in terms of sugar cravings.  I also increased veggies and fats which I really think helps keep the sugar cravings at bay.  Just some things I learned from my experience. :-)

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