Egg Fritatta Muffins with cheaper/healthier Meat?

Erica Gucc

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Thanks! I think i might get some ground pork and use italian sausage seasoning. Do you think "ground pork" falls under the category of food you should not eat every day?


I have Crohns disease which increases my risk of colerectal cancer, and super freaked out by the info from WHO regarding an 18% increase in Risk. Crohns disease SUCKs already, i do NOT want cancer later in life!!

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This is what sticks out to me 


"the report’s second misunderstood detail — the WHO said that eating 50 grams of processed meat daily (that’s about the equivalent of a couple of sausages per day) increases the risk of colorectal cancer by 18%."


Which is probably how much I DO Eat every day with my frittata muffins. I suppose ground beef or ground pork is in the clear, but Bacon, Sausage, or other "processed meats" are not. I didnt even realize RED MEAT was in the other category, which is only "probably"


18% is a lot to me, I'm already estimated at 20% increased risk for having Crohns, Probably even more since my most severe inflamation is in that region .


I don't want to try to eat sausage EVERY day, so its good to know that unprocessed, ground beef, or pork, would be fine.


Buying pasture-raised isnt always possible, but this doesnt mean I'll never eat sausage. I'll just consume less than I have been lately. 

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Did you keep reading? The 18% is relative to where you currently are, not absolute.

If your current risk is 20%, the two sausages a day would make your updated risk 23.6% (increased by 18% of 20).

Also read about all the other cancer risks cited in the article.

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