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Specific Carbohydrate Diet Preperations

Erica Gucc

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Hi All,


I did the whole30 to help with sugar cravings and 'test the waters' of the SCD which is very similar (but different). I've decided to pursue the SCD in the new year with the knowledge I've gained from Whole30. Here's my resolution and I will update this thread with SCD related knowledge/findings for any who, like me, came to whole30 to help treat a terrible health condition but know that the whole30 wasn't designed to do so. The whole30 does promise a lot in a short amount of time, whereas the SCD can take years to complete. So don't be discouraged if you came to the whole30 to treat your medical condition to find yours is too severe to be cured in 30 days. I believe the whole30 can arm us with the knowledge and help us with our emotional attachments to foods, which surely would compromise success in the SCD


here is my resolutions


Beginning in 2016, I will begin the Specific Carbohydrate Diet to try to put my Crohn’s into complete remission.

It will take anywhere from a few months to a few years, but I am dedicated to getting into good health while also providing good food. I need to prepare for this, but I believe I’ll be able to do it.

The first thing I will do is become entirely Educated on the ins and outs of SCD, and make changes to my current diet to get more close to that.

I will learn essential recipes and things I should be making and eating regularly, such as bone broth, cooked vegetables, and fermented foods.

I will make my own sauces.

I will cut out added sugar, except in the form of natural honey that I add to recipes myself. (After the whole 30)

I will make exceptions for eating out and occasions. But I will not make that the norm.

I will 100% abstain from processed candies or goods. If I want a treat, I need to make it myself.

I will finish my Whole30 with control over my sugar cravings and new habits in terms of eating. I will do the reintro to gain better understanding of which food groups I have an issue with.

I will learn how to keep my head up high during the extremely extremely restrictive intro diet, and remind myself that it’s not forever.

I will find out how to make the SCD fun, enjoyable, and tasty, even during the more restrictive intro phases.

I will still provide delicious meals for Jim, even though in the beginning the diet is just soup, cooked meats, and pureed carrots. Not joking. It is THAT extreme, but you only need to do that until your “symptoms subside” which is a weird concept for me, since my symptoms have not subsided in years.

But hopefully I can really do it. Gotta say on day 15 of whole30, I'm experience a few of the "results" of the program, but most of all my eyes have been opened to a way of thinking about food. It should nourish you, make you healthier, and if it doesn't do that, then you're missing out on essential nutrients that can improve your life drastically.


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How is this going for you?

I am on day 30...but still struggling with IBS-D

And am interested in SCD.


What do your typical meals look like?

If you give us a run down of the past few days with specifics of veg types, indicating portion sizes, liquid intake, any meds or medical conditions, activity/stress/sleep levels we might be able to help you troubleshoot.

Maybe make a new post in the troubleshooting section so as not to take over Erica's log in case she comes back....

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This is a great post, Erica. Please update on your progress from time to time. I may also move toward SCD or GAPS. I do not have IBD. My only chronic diagnosis is hypothyroid -- and an over 60 body. 


My son has ulcerative colitis. He has resisted nutrition and food as medicine, but he may be ready to take that step soon, so I am learning more on his behalf. 

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