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First Whole 30-Nov 1st start date


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Today is my first day of my first Whole 30. I have eaten Paleo for 5 years due to digestive issues, but have recently fallen off track. I have been eating tons of sugar and several of my foods with no breaks-dairy, chocolate, nuts. I am hoping this will remind me how good I feel when not eating those things. I have also recently been diagnosed with adrenal insufficiency and I'm hoping cleaning up my eating will help with that as well. The things I'd like to see improve over the next 30 days:


-clearer skin

-increased energy

-decreased sugar cravings

-better mood

-decreased inflammation/joint pain

-better digestion



My Whole 30 will not include nuts, and I will be cutting back on coffee. I would love to lose a few pounds as well, but I am not going to have that be the focus of this month. I need to feel better physically and emotionally, so that will be my focus.


I feel ready- did lots of food prep today, ate well so far, trying to drink lots of water, and thinking about going for a walk (it's freezing!).  Oh, and I had my husband take super embarrassing pictures of me this morning :/ 


Starting Weight- 145-146


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