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Bronwyn's Whole 30 - Round 2 - Nov. 2


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Hello hello,


I am back for a second round of Whole30. I've been finding myself eating sugar and non-compliant meals a little too frequently and need a reset. I don't want any food dependencies in my life and I want the foods that I eat to be "worth it" for me. I have been generally sticking with the meal template since I finished my last Whole30. I rarely snack, which is great in comparison to how I was before. I was really worried about going back to smoothies after I finished Whole30, and I've maybe had 10 in the past 3 months (I used to have one pretty much every day).


You can read about me, and my first round here: http://forum.whole9life.com/topic/29018-bronwyns-whole-30-log-started-june-29-2015/


I've heard that the second time around is harder, so I am keeping myself accountable by posting here again. I found chatting with others and connecting on the forums kept me motivated. 


I had a lot of success on the first round. A big thing for me was managing my depression and getting my hormones in check. After 2 months of Whole30-ish, my cycle became regular again, but it went back to being unpredictable recently due to stress and sleep issues. I hope to regulate that, or get on the right track to do that.  I am also seeking to crush my sugar dragon, emotional eating, get my digestion rolling, and get my sleep in check.


Since it was Halloween yesterday, I must say that I am pretty impressed with how I behaved. On Halloweens previous, I would be face down in a bowl of treats, but I only had one fun sized chocolate bar and some red wine yesterday. Not Whole30, but not bad! Small steps at a time. :)

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