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Whole180 Adventure

David Lyon_4267

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Yesterday was day 1

it went pretty well, made meatballs and a tomato sauce on Sunday which will cut down the cooking time during the week. Looking for ways to cook in batches to reduce kitchen time during the week.

Meal 1 scrambled eggs with bacon and kale stir fry, side of sauerkraut.

Meal 2 meatballs and tomato sauce (veg loaded) with cucumber salad

Meal 3 Pork, onion and peppers cooked in fajita spice mix. Avocado on side

Snack ox-tongue

Had a few trips to the bathroom, its to be expected as my body adjusts to the whole 30 way. Definately got some flu type symptoms coming through today, will put this down to my body adjusting and carry on.

Hope everyone has a great day!

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