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Can I have Baru Almonds (Cumaru)?


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I apologize if someone already asked this, I searched and didn't find any topics - but it could be that there are other local names for this same product that were already addressed.


I'm wondering if I can have Baru Almonds (Castanha de Baru) - they are the seeds from a tree in Brazil & Bolivia. I originally thought they would be okay, much like Brazil Nuts, or any other of the seeds. However, I was looking up information about them online and trying to find out what they are called in English and noticed that they are in the legume family!




By being in the legume family I will just eliminate them while on the Whole30 as all legumes are out (peas, chickpeas, peanuts, soybeans, lentils, etc) better to be on the safer side, but I am curious about "after". I re-read the parts of the book about legumes in order to understand why they were no-no's and trying to determine if these followed the same reasoning but I'm still unsure.

Baru almond, nutrition facts Per 100 g Protein 23.9 g Total fat 38.2 g Saturated fat 7.18 g Unsaturated fat 31.02 g Total fiber 13.4 g Carbohydrates 15.8 g Calcium 140 mg Potassium 827 mg Phosphorus 358 mg Magnesium 178 mg Copper 1.45 mg Iron 4.24 mg Manganese 4.9 mg Zinc 4.1 mg Calories 502


With over 18,000 types of legumes in the world - I bet there are a lot of weird ones like the Baru that wouldn't normally be covered. Anyone have any ideas?


It is a seasonal seed, so it isn't that I would be consuming it all that often, but I'm curious on how to apply some of the restrictions in more "exotic" locations as a gneral rule of thumb, while Clean Eating post Whole30.

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The problem with legumes is that they contain phytates, lectins & saponins, as well as being high in protease inhibitors (which can prevent the body from properly breaking down protein so that it is poorly absorbed), and galactins (a type of FODMAP) - all of which can contribute towards digestive distress & leaky gut.

Personally I can't tolerate them, but you could use them as part of your reintro day for legumes.

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