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Any tips for dealing with the headaches?


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If you're still having headaches on day 7 it could be down to a couple of things:

Lack of water - we recommend a half an ounce of water per pound of body weight, daily

Lack of salt - especially if you came from a typical SAD diet you'll now be ingesting a lot less salt - add some to your food!

Lack of starchy veg - we'd recommend a fist sized portion of starchy veg per day - more if you are particularly active, or prone to anxiety/depression

Lack of fat - fat really is your friend here  ;) 

If you'd like to check that you're on the right track please feel free to post a few day's worth of your food/liquid intake, indicating portion sizes, along with sleep/stress/activity levels, and in the meantime don't be afraid to take a tylenol...

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