Day 30!


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I did it. 30 days! I weighed this morning and I am down exactly 13 lbs which is pretty amazing. The entire experience was eye-opening as I realized how much I emotionally eat. Pretty much every emotion that a person can have will drive me to eat. Good day? Celebrate with ice cream or take out. Bad day? Ice cream or take out. Bored? Ice cream. Too lazy to grocery shop or plan breakfast? Drive thru. I realized that I don't have to eat as much as I thought, particularly on the weekends. If I felt the least bit of hunger and it was close to "lunch time" I would go get a full meal somewhere. During these 30 days, I realized that a handful of pumpkin seeds and a bottle of water is enough to carry me until I can get to a good meal. Sometimes that little snack would carry me for a couple of hours (this is only on Saturdays that I really struggled with this.) As you can imagine, a handful of pumpkin seeds is far healthier than Steak n' Shake!


On the flip side, I was sick three times (and am sick with a cold right now). My cycle has been wildly messed up and so I wait to see how long it takes that to straighten back out. I didn't have any specific physical expectations - no aches or pains that I needed solved and I didn't have bad skin. So I can't speak to any of that. Looking ahead, I would like to lose about 30 lbs more. Heading into the holidays, I will need to be VERY mindful to only partake in extra eating that is worth it. Food will be everywhere, but if I save it for only what is worth it - very little of it will fit into that category. Thanksgiving is ONE meal as is Christmas. If I make it through the holidays and am down 13 lbs still, I will consider that a holiday success!


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That is awesome!  Congrats to you!  Yesterday was my day 30 as well and I couldn't wait to get on the scale, though I have felt pretty great these past few weeks and that alone was worth every penny.  I lost 12lbs, and I too would love to lose 30.  We can do it!  


And ice cream was my favorite as well, so I feel ya on that one!  Going to try some reintroduction but I have a few 'fun' things coming up these next couple of weekends, including my birthday, so we'll see how good I am at making choices!  


We can do it!  Good luck.  

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