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Need to bounce back from a setback

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Hi guys,

I had such a great experience with my first round (it wasn't easy but the results and non scale victories were great!) and I've been keeping to the Whole30 template for the most part, except for days when I want to reintroduce something. And I'm also having 1/4 tsp of honey in my tea a couple of times a week.

I had an emotionally challenging couple of weeks and I'm having a hard time bouncing back. I want to start fresh and do another round but I'm making excuses and I even had two homemade by my coworker gluten free cookies just now! The last time I had chocolate or sweets was two months ago!

Knowing myself, I might go off the deep end and just have more cookies!! Help!

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The best way is to take it one Whole30 compliant meal at a time, once you've had three that's day one done & dusted, you take a deep breath & try for day two.

Think back to why you started your first Whole30, focus on those NSVs, rid your house of any temptations & say it out loud, tell your co-workers & your friends  - I'm doing a Whole30 - once you've made that committment it will be much harder to go off the deep end because you have all those people that you'll be accountable to.

And breathe.

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Blissful.   You've faced more difficult challenges than a couple of  GF cookies. 


I've faced the fire and I've faced the music.  I no longer farced the music with play foods and all of the usual suspects that get you nowhere good.    Now dig down deep.   Find the deeper reason for making your Whole 30 terms your very own.


After 17 months,  I had to exercise every skill and use every tool to talk myself down off the morbid obesity ledge.   Those tools involved music, bright colors, thinking of exciting strategies and mixing it all UP...each and every day.   


Do not forget the spiritual component.  Body.  Mind.  Spirit.   Draw upon your spirit in the toughest of moments.   Find the greater reason that stretches far and beyond the daily  de'la resistance of play foods.


Now I'm tooling along in my own lane.  It involves different strategies but I can tell you that rejecting thrill eating is a greater thrill than GF anything.    Focus on the basics.   Get outside and blow the stinkin' thinkin' off.   Movement.   


You're under no obligation whatsover to think about anything when you're out there hiking, running, swimming or whatever type of exercise you love to do.   Do all of it on your own terms. 


Any movement you don't enjoy doing in the name of weight releasing will not last.   Eat well and healthy.

Exercise.  Socialize.   Start NOW.     Start the process by focusing on taking care of yourself in every way you can.


That's the only way.

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MeadowLily, I love everything you said. You're an amazing human! Thank you!!

After that happened with the cookies, I had lunch break and ate my filet mignon, kale, and butternut squash leftovers and I felt like I was right back on my path again. Just a tiny detour with those not even worth it cookies!

Thank you guys for the most amazing support!!

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