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In the planning stage


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Do you have the book? 


One of the most valuable suggestions I ever had about starting was to post on your fridge or somewhere easily found 3 meals that are compliant that you have all the ingredients on hand for.  That way when anything last minute interferes with your plans you have a great resource suited just to your needs. 


Also... no last minute binges on whatever you think you may never get to eat again.... lol.  Yep.  I've done it, but it'll just make you feel worse that first week.


Last tip... sign up for the daily newsletter.  Information delivered right to you email inbox each day complete with a link to click at the bottom of the page to tell that you have succeeded that day and celebrate!!!  It does have a charge, I think it's $14.95, but such a great resource/accountability! 


**** but sign up at least a day before you plan to start because there is a "day 0" getting ready email too. 

      You can sign up now and set your date for when you want to begin too.

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Thank you!  I really appreciate the tips.  I'm going to order the book this afternoon.  Should have it by Friday.  I'll shop and put away the family goodies over the weekend and start on Monday.


So, you're saying to not eat all the remaining Halloween candy over the weekend?  I guess I should invite the neighbor kids over. LOL!


My toughest hurdle is living in a house where my husband does the cooking for the family.  I'll be responsible for feeding myself.  Yulk!  Plus my daughter is like a size zero and walks around complaining that she's fat.  I just give her that "Let's talk about what fat really is." look.


I'm so looking forward to just feeling better.  Weight-loss is just a side bonus.



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I agree about the daily emails; they are worth the small investment. I re-read them frequently.


Since you will be flying solo in a household with others not doing W30, I suggest you look for simple meal plans. It doesn't have to be complicated to be compliant.

Protein, vegetables, fat, a little fruit. Most of my meals are mix n match combinations of pre-cooked items; I change up the seasonings for variety.


The book, Well Fed, by Melissa Joulwan has some execellent tips on the weekly "cook up."

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