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Maybe this has been posted before, I haven't looked, so I am so I apologize if I am duplicating.


I was so tickled to discover that my ice cube trays each hold 1 Tablespoon of liquid.  So this last time I rendered tallow I filled my ice cube trays with tallow and let them cool.  Then popped the tallow "cubes" out and am storing them in my fridge.    Makes  it so much easier to know how much fat I'm using in recipes!  No more hacking off chunks of tallow and wondering!


I will be doing the same with my ghee next time I make it and my lard next time I render it!

Hope this helps others too. 

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This also works for bone broth and stock. I almost always freeze a tray or two, pop them out into a big plastic bag, and then I have small amounts of stock to flavor cooking meat or veggies if I don't want to take an ice pick to the big block.


ETA: Whoops, read to fast, that's exactly what someone else already said!

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