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Tough day


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I started my whole 30 on October 26. The next few weeks were kinda clear sailing as it related to travel, parties, etc. My birthday is in there, but it's on a weekday, so no big birthday bash. I've been sailing along pretty good. Today, day nine, was tough. I didn't sleep well last night, dragging myself out of bed was awful. I have zombied my way through the day (I don't recall if brains were Whole 30 approved, hmmm...). Anyway, I worked really hard to focus on the positives. I'm eating better, I'm not craving (except today) and I notice my clothes a bit more forgiving. I had a very unsatisfying dinner tonight after work and now I have to go tutor. I have to have a great deal of patience with my student, and I hope I can muster it up tonight. I really felt like burying my head in a bag of chips and dipping a Snickers bar into the crumbs. 


Anyway, so far so good. I'll white knuckle the rest of the day and hope that tomorrow is less of a challenge. I don't have lunch planned, but as I sit and type this, I realize that is probably not a good idea. I was just going to buy a salad for lunch tomorrow, but if I do that I may end up topping it with something I shouldn't have. 


Just a vent, hoping that this would help ground me and if I put it in writing, it wouldn't be so bad.




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