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Starting November 10th: Bring on the prep ideas!


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My family and I usually eat well, not paleo or whole 30, but mostly whole foods made at home. We recently moved to a new city and in all the chaos of packing, moving, and unpacking we have gotten WAY off our usual habits. Now I am always fatigued and crave sweets and carbs all the time. I just want my energy back! I set my start date out a week to get the house ready to begin. 


Is anyone else starting that day?


I am planing to go through my spice blends to box the ones that don't comply and put them in storage. Same with everything in my pantry. The 1 week will give me the chance to use things in the fridge that don't comply before we begin. I am also going to plan meals and snacks for the first week and shop/prep items as best I can to succeed.


What did you do to prep? What helped and what didn't?

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You are making it easier on you and your family by having a plan and by being familiar with whole foods and homemade meals.


I'm a little over three years into eating W30-ish. I've developed a weekly routine that works for my family of two. Here are a few quick notes.


The cook-up tips in Well Fed by Melissa Joulwan are excellent. Also, I recommend subscribing to the Whole30 Daily emails.


A couple of suggestions:

Don't try to tackle complicated recipes every day, especially in the beginning. Keep it simple.


Do make a weekly meal plan (with flexability), using the meal template (no snacks), and create a shopping list. Allow a few hours on one day to prep and cook some items that will keep for a few days. The amount of vegetables is daunting to some people. Have a plan for washing, trimming, roasting, steaming, etc.


Be sure you have a variety of storage containers and a method for labeling. This will keep your freezer and refrigerator organized and will prevent waste.


Two tools that have saved me a lot of time are my immersion blender and my Instant Pot pressure cooker.


Good luck and welcome aboard!

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It depends on your family's likes and dislikes, but in addition to your great ideas, I would use the weekend to bake a lot of chicken breasts with compliant seasonings, brown a few pounds of ground beef, roast a few squash and cube some potatoes ready for quick cooking or roasting.

Wash and chop some other veggies and hard boil a dozen eggs.

Make sure you are stocked up with coconut oil, ghee, and EVOO. Have some fresh or compliant dried fruit on hand as well as nuts and seeds for emergency snacking options.

Good luck! Check back here for support.


-Lauren (GGG)

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