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Starting November 5th! :-)


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Hey everyone,


My name is Carina and I will be starting the whole30 challenge tomorrow.

I'm currently living in Germany but will be moving to the states next year.

I' really excited to try the whole30 but also i'm a little scared due to the limitations of the food.

(Especially that breakfast thing :D I'm really obsessed with sweet breakfast like pancakes, granola and oatmeals, so this will be really challenging for me)


My wish is to feel better, have more energy and cure my IBS.

I also have to deal with a little overweight, it's not that much but this is caused due to my binge eating of sweet treats and my passion with cakes.


So maybe there are some of you who will be starting tomorrow as well.

I look forward to starting tomorrow :)





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  • Whole30 Certified Coach

Hey - I was just reading over the forum looking for a group who was starting.  So I'm jumping into your thread! I've done a W60 before (maybe a year ago now... don't really remember) and have had too-many-to-count attempts at a second W30.  


I am just coming out of a pretty big personal loss and have been eating quite poorly, exercising less, blah blah blah.  My binge eating is really bad right now.  I work in a hospital and this time of year there are *always* temptations.  Lately I've been making it until noon before giving in :)  


Maybe some accountability to a group would help... :)


So, here goes Day 1.  Hubs is semi on board - no non W30 foods in the house besides beer (for him).  Bread, cheese, half and half, candy... its all gone.  I've been up for an hour, so as much as I *hate* eating at 6 AM I'm about to eat my burger and creamed spinach :)  Then walk the dogs and enjoy this 70 degree weather in November!  


Hope your Day 1 was a success and on to day 2!

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Hi Rieni & littleg!


I'm new to the world of Whole30 and I'm not quite ready to make the full commitment just yet, for a variety of reasons.  I know there's never a *perfect* time for a Whole30, but in this case 1) I'm travelling to Europe in less than 3 weeks, including my first (and possibly only) trip to Paris and there is NO way I'm going to the City of Lights and NOT eating croissant or macarons and 2) I live in South Korea and the availability of compliant foods (especially since many labels are in Korean) is going to take me some time to overcome.  For example, I just found out today that my balsamic vinegar (which generally would be compliant) has sulfites.  So I need to find another source.


So, I'm doing "demo" days for Whole30 - experimenting with compliant recipes and slowly switching out foods in my pantry and fridge to ease the transition.  I'm hopeful I can do Whole29 (+1) in February 2016.


I just did my first day of nearly-compliant meals (darn those sulfites) so I'll try to follow along with you two and see if I experience any of the "side effects" noted in the Timeline.




-Lauren (GGG)

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Hey all, how is everyone doing?  I'm starting tomorrow after several false starts so hopefully I will only be 1 day behind everyone.  I usually eat fruit in the morning, is that bad?  Should I be eating eggs?  

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Hey all, how is everyone doing?  I'm starting tomorrow after several false starts so hopefully I will only be 1 day behind everyone.  I usually eat fruit in the morning, is that bad?  Should I be eating eggs?  

Fruit is not bad - but is that the only food you're eating for meal 1?

Have you seen the recommended meal template?  For best results, build each meal to meet the template of protein, veg and fat. You can have any protein you want at meal 1 - doesn't have to be eggs. 

Fruit is optional on a Whole30. If you're going to have it, the recommendation is 1-2 servings a day, where a serving is whole fresh fruit, the size of your fist.   Avoid letting fruit push vegetables off your plate.

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Hi there. I am a few days late joining the forum (no time to do anything but read recipes, shop, and cook! lol) but I also started on

November 5 with my boyfriend. From a physical standpoint, we are mostly looking to improve energy, digestion, and mental health. From a psychological standpoint, there are certain patterns we wish to examine/break (ie. snacking, certain food/alcohol combinations) but mostly, we want a grip on meal planning. Both of us are very capable in the kitchen, but all too often the lack of planning and/or fatigue would lead us to eating out or picking up convenience items. The real food in the fridge goes to waste. Unhealthy and expensive.

We made it through the first few days all right. A couple little baubles where the template or portion sizes weren't quite right, and we were hungry early. But also some fantastic meals in there. Definitely - as the timeline warned me - some fatigue and crankiness (though I swear I only wanted to kill a few little things, not ALL the things ;)). But nothing too debilatating. We ate a lot of good food before, this is just the push to make it ALL good food.

Because I started mid-week I didn't do a whole big prep to start. But I took on the theory of being at least "a step ahead". Made a couple of soups in the evenings to go straight in the fridge, roasted up squash while the oven was on for dinner that night, etc. There were some near panic moments where I either hadn't planned something specific for a meal, or had and didn't want that after all, but all resolved quickly. Most importantly, the commitment to the program puts us to work in the kitchen whether we like it or not - and it so worth it when we eat the results!

Carina - Some of my fondest memories of the time I spent in Germany are food related! Now, a lot of it was because of the bread and sweets, but I can think of things from those memories that I can apply to this challenge. Three satisfying meals a day, trying new dishes. I did just a couple days ago, eat the only soft boiled egg I've ever had in North America, lol, remembering how much I actually enjoyed my hostess making them every weekend in Germany.

Hope everyone is on track and (mostly) enjoying the experience!

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Hi all,


I am so sorry for my late reply, but right after I posted my topic (i'm not lying, it was really in the evening) I got the flue....

Really terrible, I have never had such a bad flue (or maybe I have never gotten the flue for real)....

Think it was caused due to our terrible weather changes here in Germany....

In fact unfortunately I could not start with my whole30 on 5th as I had to recover first....

So, I have to start my journey once again on Sunday....

How's it going for you guys so far? I hope it's not too difficult :)

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