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Oops reintroduction


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I goofed up my reintroduction and am looking for some advice.


Here's the background:

I do not have any major health concerns. I naturally have very high energy and I sleep very well.  

My usual diet is fairly healthy: no soda, moderately low in sugar, almost no glutenous grains, low diary, lots of fruit/veggies.

Had recently been on a trip through Europe, so had been eating lots of pastries and cheese.


I wanted to improve: mild eczema, very occasional heartburn, mild seasonal allergies, and lose some lbs.


My experience: Over two weeks of feeling nauseous, bloated, overall "icky" feeling, and severe constipation. All of this improved upon cutting out cauliflower (and pecans which created severe heartburn). Happy with blood sugars being even and feeling full all the way til lunch.

Never got the "Tiger Blood" phase but maybe this is because I generally feel good and have high energy already.


Results: Lost 5 lbs, skin appears a bit fresher although eczema is still present, some pride in completing the whole 

30 without a slip!


Reintroduction: I saw so little difference in everything while on the whole 30, that I have been lax in my reintroduction. First, a glass of wine with no problem. Then beans/legumes: all ok. But instead of going back to whole 30 for 3 days then reintroducing the next thing, I kept the beans and added rice... and a little cheese sitting on top of the beans... Now today I have some mild stomach upset and I regret not being more careful.


So, my question:

 How long do I go back on whole 30 for my system to re-set so I can re-start the reintroduction? Would a week be enough? Do I have to repeat the whole 30 in its entirety?



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Hi ambow,


You can basically go back on Whole30 until you are feeling good again.  That may take 3 days, maybe 7 and maybe even a couple of weeks.  You basically just want to make sure that you try to limit variables when you go through the reintroductions again.


If you are interested (and haven't already done so), you are free to post your typical Whole30 foods for review; could be some things that you can tweak to get closer to "Tiger Blood".  On the other hand, that Tiger Blood is a bit of a misnomer sometimes.  For some it can be tonnes of energy and everything is rainbows.  For others it can be just a sense of "good". Feeling steady and calm and content and just....good.  :)

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Thank you ladyshanny! I will do a little reset and proceed again with caution.


I don't have very "typical" foods - I love variety, and rarely make thesame thing twice. The only real constants have been coconut milk or coconut cream with my coffee, cage free/organic eggs... Squash was pretty frequent... And then rotating meats/veggies/fruit. 

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