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new at Whole 30, passing from blood sugar solutions


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Hi to All,

I am new here. I started with Blood Sugar Solution 6 Week program in Sept. and have some results that are really encouraging. Let me start from the beginning.


I have type 2 diabetes for about 20 years. Recently was switched to insulin (humalog and Lanus). Since than I saw pretty large fluctuation in blood sugar readings. Going from 300 to 45. Pretty bad.

At some point I heard about this diet and decided to give it a try.

I have to admit : I did not follow dr Hyman due to my lack of full trust - I refused to purchase and take supplements he is pushing to.

Anyway, since September 25

weight loss: 215 down to 189

Blood glucose: from 7.5 down to 5.9 

Insulin intake (Humalog): from 45 units per day down to ZERO

                      (Lantus) from 35 down to 12 units a day


Since I am not following the blood glucose solution, I started looking for an alternate solutions and found Whole30. For some reason it is more appealing to me.

I would like to switch to this program and keep going with a new healthy diet.


Does anyone here was able to reduce insulin entirely (from similar intake as mine) ?


Any input on this subject is highly appreciated.


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