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Whole 30 at 27


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Well, today is my 27th birthday and it marks the end of my first Whole30! I am so proud of myself (smug face)

I was prompted to do the Whole30 after a couple of weeks of weddings and all the festivities that go along with them. I ate too much, drank too much and although I enjoyed doing so it did not make me feel good afterwards!

I've known for some time that I don't have what I'll call, a heathy relationship with food. I can pinpoint the start of this a few years ago when my boyfriend at the time went on a diet. He eventually lost about 3 stone of a beer belly but the whole time he was monitoring what he ate and drank I felt like I was consuming more than him and so I cut back. It got to the stage where I was down to about one meal a day which I ate with him in the evening.

I'm 5'9" and at the time i was not what anyone would call overweight and at my lowest I was 137lbs (at the heaviest I remember being in adult life I was 148lbs - not a huge range). But I seemed to always be in a constant battle with it.

Life has changed in many ways and I'm altogether much much happier now - but I still find myself calorie counting, trying different diets and feeling guilty about every food choice I make.

Onto my Whole30 experience-

The main thing I've loved about this is I've not felt guilty in 30 days! I've stuck completely to the plan and eaten when I'm hungry and eaten how much I like of lots of delicious foods!

I work part time in a bakery and bake delicious cakes 4 days a week and I now know I can resist sticking my finger in the icing. I don't need to taste everything!

I have lost 5lbs - back to 141lbs. As I said, I don't really consider myself to have a lot to lose so I wasn't expecting any results here! I used to be a daily scale user and so going without this method of judging my body for 30 days has made me look properly at what I see in the mirror - I'm realising it is not as bad as I thought!

I still have to tame my sugar dragon - been eating a little too much fruit to compensate and I need to go to the gym more often (I go to yoga once a week and swimming a couple of times)

My plan is to move forward - a glass of red wine for my birthday tonight is in order I think! Then onto reintroducing a few things but I know now that I don't need a lot of the things in my diet I was eating before. I love dark chocolate and have a passion for cheeses (and cake of course) but I will enjoy these foods so much more now they won't be a daily or weekly habit.

Thinking of starting another Whole30 in November to give me the confidence to get through the Christmas period.

Sorry for such a long post I'm just so excited to have done this fantastic thing for myself!

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