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Not Sure What to Think


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From the beginning I feel like I have had an anomalous experience with my Whole 30.  I didn't experience any hangover or rage or cravings.....But now (day 22) I don't feel much different at all.  I do like that I eat 3 meals a day and am not hungry in between (unless I unwittingly short myself from the template, which has happened a few times at lunch).


I didn't have any extreme needs when I started this (just some niggling issues like soreness and feeling slightly injury prone), but I do have an underlying rheumatologic issue and I thought maybe this would help.


I feel fine, just not much different.


Any thoughts?

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Be Bold.    Blaze a Whole 30 trail for yourself.   That will take 30 days and probably longer. 


When we follow a crowd, we only get as far as they get.   Be willing to go it alone and don't allow anyone's glass ceiling to become your own.   If you're willing to keep walking alone you might find yourself in places you've never been before.  More than fine with very different and unique results. 

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It's hard to give you any feedback without seeing what you've been eating. Can you post a few days worth of your food log, including portion sizes, water consumption, nightly hours of sleep and any exercise? It would also be helpful to know how different your Whole30 eating has been from how you previously ate.

Further, how long have you had your rheumatologic issue?

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Well at a macro level the changes have been bigger protein servings, conscious addition of fat to meals, less fruit, and giving up cream & sugar in my coffee (and no sweet treats)


Recent meals:

Sat - pre W/O: hard boiled egg with homemade mayo and a glass of water

 ran 6 miles

post w/o: meat stick & pear (no high carb veggies ready to eat)/

breakfast: 2 fried eggs, enormous amount of sautéed greens, shredded coconut, 1 1/2 coffee with coconut milk/

lunch: can of crab with homemade mayo, half a baked acorn squash

dinner: mocha pot roast, roasted potatoes, cut up veggies, coconut butter


water and herbal tea all day most days - since I run I try to be good about hydration (as indicated by the pee test)



Sun - breakfast/2 fried eggs, mound of sweet potato hash, coconut, coffee with coconut milk (2 cups)

lunch: hunk of leftover pot roast, another half of squash, pear

dinner: 2 baked chicken thighs, bunch of roasted root veggies, bunch of roasted kalettes, cut up veggies, baked apples with toasted coconut


Mon - pre/wo: big spoonful of coconut butter

3 miles

post/wo: half a chicken thigh, quarter of roasted squash

breakfast: fried egg, thigh & a half, sweet potato hash, baked apples, toasted coconut

lunch: arugula salad w/ grilled shrimp, hard boiled egg, avocado, cucumber, grilled sweet potato (3/4), handful of raw cashews

dinner (planned): turkey & cranberry meatballs, rutabaga and carrot mash, leftover roast vegetables, baked apples and coconut


the rheumatologic issues (which are pretty minor and utterly boring to my doctor) have been around a few years (3?)

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Overall, things look good. You might consider upping the eggs at your first meal, as when eggs are your sole protein, the recommended serving size is the number of whole eggs you can hold in one hand. For most folks, that's 3-4 eggs.

Given you've had your rheumatologic issues for a few years, it's unlikely they would be resolved in 3 weeks. I'd say keep on keepin on. 

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