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Lynne4444 personal Whole30 log - Nov 9 - Dec 9


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11/09/2015 - Started today - My 30 days run from Nov 9 to Dec 9.

Breakfast today: 2 poached eggs, 1 sausage-pork, 4oz of cooked sliced potatoes.  64 oz of water- by noon.


medical: I am looking to alleviate some health issues, as I would like to live a happy healthy life not just life with health issues.

I am not certain how posting works and not certain how public I would like to be. 

I am looking forward to better health.


at 10am I had a short will power loss and really wanted some sugar. 

I reminded myself that this is easy and its a choice. 

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Day 2


breakfast: 1 poached egg, 1 pork sausage, 6oz hash browns.

 lunch- arugula kale salad, 4 tomatoes, 4 baby carrots, balsamic vinaigrette,

morning snack: 1 small banana

afternoon snack: 1 small apple with 2 tsp all natural almond butter


yoga at 5:15pm


dinner: 12 shrimp and 8oz potato crowns, 6oz orange juice, strawberries


notes: had a sugar desire at 7:30am.  I don't feel as tired.  I am more alert.

The diet has not been as difficult for me as I already eat this way except for cheese and chips and sugar.  cutting out 3 items is a lot easier for me than cutting out a whole lot of items.  I thought I would have cheated by the end of day 1.  I am very surprised that I haven't.

My daughter is doing this with me and she is having a hard time with no milk.  I do wish for cottage cheese and cheddar cheese and my salad would be great with feta cheese, sigh. We both have Dec 10 on our calendars as our back to eating the items we missed.


I moved the candy jar at work away from me.  It is no longer at my desk.  I can't believe I let it stay for 7 years at my desk in the first place.  I really felt a relief when I moved it to the break room.


Day 3:  


Breakfast: 1 poached egg, 1 pork sausage, 8oz cubed potatoes






notes; really wish I could have some chips - corn or potato, sigh.  I miss the crunchy side of food. and I miss Nutella on my strawberries.

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Been reading other logs: one issue that has come up is the nausea issue. 


This may be due to cutting out the wheat or whole grains in the diet, which I did 7 years ago as I eat a gluten free diet and had the same issue.  An interesting way to alleviate the nausea is to take vitamin C, which did work for me.  Keep in mind everyone is different and what works for some may not work for others.  there is a college paper on it which speaks to celiac disease.

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Day 3 - 11/11


lunch - 1 cherry tomato, 1 small apple, 2 tsp almond butter.  -- I wasn't really hungry at lunch and I only eat if I'm hungry.


Dinner - 8 oz potatoes, 2 slices of chicken lunch meat, 3 olives, 3 hot pepper, 8 oz orange juice, 3 slices prosciutto, 4 dates


I totally wanted to quit today. I wanted to eat everything in sight.  I texted daughter and begged to quit.  She said no, keep going as she feels so much better.  I didn't quit but I had the Reese's Peanut Butter cup in my hand and the Bailey's Irish Cream looked good too!  I put the RPBC away and stayed strong and stayed true to The W30 one more day. I hope I don't have many nights like that one.


Decided to go to bed early to keep from snacking.  Had a decent night's rest, almost 6 hours.  For the past 10 years my sleep has only been about 4 hours a night and I'm really exhausted because of it.  How refreshing to finally sleep.

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Day 3 - yoga at 4:15pm to 5:15pm


been flatulent for the last 3 days too.  must be the yoga mixing things up a bit.  I don't really care for it but that's that. 


may be the almond butter as that's the only major change in diet that I've added.

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Day 4 & 5  Nov 12 & 13 - totally ready to give up.  sad to say I have no will power.  perhaps I'm just not ready to do this.  Plus with no (or not much) calcium in the diet I really think that's dangerous.  There is a reason why everything is in moderation.

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lynne- we try not to moderate the logs, but I don't want you continuing without knowing that you aren't eating even close to enough. No wonder you are thinking of quitting and wanting to eat Reese's Peanut Butter Cups!


Please compose your meals to meet the meal template, three times per day. Here is the template: http://whole30.com/downloads/whole30-meal-planning.pdf


Here is some information on calcium: http://whole9life.com/2012/02/what-about-calcium/


I promise, if you start nourishing your body with enough of the good stuff (protein, good fats, and vegetables--including some starchy ones) you will start to feel better.

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