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Does it have to end?


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The only thing I would say is - make some time for reintroductions, whether you do it at 30 days, 60 days or 90 days. Schedule it in and do it properly, I didn't and I really regret it. My first whole30 I loved eating like this, I hit my groove and I didn't see a reason why I ever has to stop. But there will be reasons down the line - a glass of champagne at my sister's engagement party, the baklava my 95 year old greek grandmother had spent all afternoon making, my very favourite scone and jam with old friends that I see every 5 years, or just as simple as being at a work event and they've served you peas by mistake.


If you do proper intro's you equip yourself with all the knowledge you need to navigate through these moments, know whats worth it and know how you will react  - not only does this help you make better choices (e.g. if dairy is the real killer for you chose to have the scone without the cream) or brace yourself for the reactions even if you know you're not making the best choice for your health (I wasn't going to pass on that baklava for the world but I knew that I had to have it at the end of the evening and have something distracting planned for straight after as sugar makes me crave more)


Good luck with your final 8 days! xx

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