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Kirsten R - first time on Whole30


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OK -

Day 1... I can do this! Can I? Um... yeah, I can. I'm motivated, freaked, but motivated.

I bought a ton of food yesterday for this and am defosting chicken legs right now. I need to go buy light olive oil (the one thing I forgot to buy yesterday) so I can make mayo and ranch dressing. I am not the cook in the house. My husband is trying to help while staying out of the way as best he can. We're both really lucky that he's working in Texas this week.


Before gym, bananna and water (couldn't get moving fast enough to make eggs before getting B and me out the door).

After - Starbucks for a black Jamacain Blue Mountain (I have a LOT of lattes every day. No milk? Um... yeah. This is the weirdest part so far). Macadamia nuts and sliced turkey. I really need to make portable protein for tomorrow am.


I'm tryng to not have a ton of fruit as the "grab-and'go" no brain food. It used to be cheese. Time to boil some eggs....


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Hi Kristen - welcome to Whole30 - and yes, you CAN do this....

You've obviously picked up on the protein for preWO recommendation even if you didn't manage it today, but just a note about your macadamias after they gym - they are a fat source and so should be avoided postWO as they slow down absorption of protein to your muscles when they need it most. Stick to the sliced turkey - an if it's deli meat just check that it's compliant...!!

Good luck for the rest of the day  :)

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I can't tell if I'm just paying too much attention to how I feel or if I really am a little light headed. I'm feeling sainer though :D. I would normally have had two huge lattes by now and expected to be climbing the walls.

I made myself some eggs and roasted a package of chicken legs (we have farm share so have really great meat). I plan to make a dozen hard boiled eggs and some squash later. That should keep me in pretty good shape for a few days. It's really wierd not having dairy for me but I think making some tupperware "lunchables" for myself will help with the "grab-and-go" zombie eatiing that I normally do.

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Oh Wow! Caffine Withdrawl? I'm guessing that's what the headache from last night into today must be. I tried drinking black coffee but couldn't drink much.

I drink a TON of milk and a TON of coffee all day normally. I'm switching to tea and lots of water.


I'm going to have to figure out the meal plan better. I have to take my thyroid pill on an empty stomach and not eat for 20 min. That makes the morning tough. I grabbed a bananna and HB egg when heading out with B at 7:30. I had to make more food when I got home. This is hard for me to get a handle on. Kippers and eggs with tea makes a great breakfast though.


I'd kill for spell check on this thing.

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Yes, I couldn't keep my website blog consistent either...  :P


I'm still motivated but am more buckled down and not as excited. My husband is back from Texas and is helping me make compliant food. He's been doing Paleo for a long time and is fine with tweaking things to make them Whole30 friendly.


The Caffeine withdrawal (or possibly "Carb Flu") was kicking my butt for the first few days but I feel a little better now. I can't really do black coffee. My stomach just doesn't like it. I tried adding coconut cream but it didn't work for me. I'm sticking with tea for now.


I was surprised that a few people on Facebook were really negative about my doing this ("Ugh that's too hard, you don't need to do that - just eat like me" and "You should really try this other thing instead..."). Everyone else has been great though - really positive. I did let those two people know that I'm determined to stick with this.


OK - Kippers and Eggs, here I come.

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