Day 2 and dealing with awful headache- advice please!

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I survived day 1 and woke up with an awful headache this morning on day 2.  I was expecting it, but now that I have a headache...what can I do to make these next couple days a bit easier? Any suggestions? I'm also light-headed and shaky!  I did have a snack and that helped with the light-head and shakiness, but my headache won't go away!  Tips please!! I don't want to give up on this...

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Drink lots of water! 


Try to keep  your stress levels down.


Maybe include a starchy veggie in with your next meal...


Did I mention to drink water???


Eat if you are hungry - really.  We don't want you to starve.  Ideal snack is a mini meal of protein, veg and fat. However if you are able to do any 2 of these it will be good.

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