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Higher cholesterol


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I went for my fasting cholesterol blood test on day 31 before I did any reintros.  It was worse than the last 2 years  both of which were also in November.  2014 was random and 2013 was fasting but they were both very close in numbers.


I am going to stick with reintros and W30  days at least until I talk to my doctor about what he suggests for diet.


Does this happen to many people?


I had not made many dietary changes since November 2014 other than eating more paleo dinners and not drinking much alcohol this September after 2 years of drinking  alcohol about 4 times a week.


I would appreciate any dietary suggestions I can bring to my doctor as I would like to avoid cholesterol lowering meds.



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this is using my last fasting cholesterol 2013 but 2014  random numbers were very close to those


my fasting  cholesterol went from 216 to 242 mg/dL

Ldl fasting calc from 129 to 166

HDL  from 67 to 61

non HDL fasting Calc from 149 to 181

Trigyleride fasting from 101  to 73 


I only lost 5 pounds on the whole 30 for a total of 10 pounds since Nov 2014

I weigh about 200 pounds and am 5 foot 1 inch tall

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My spouse pointed out that I did not get as much exercise as usual while doing the whole30.  I am trying to get back to it.


Yes my ratio is still good but the changes are enough to worry my doctor.  Hence I worry too.


thanks for quick replies :)

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Jen, between now and the 20th -- I would highly recommend you read the book Cholesterol Clarity by Jimmy Moore, and go to your doctor's office armed with knowledge.


"A ten-year study of over 52,000 subjects, conducted by Norwegian researchers and published in the August 2011 issue of the Journal of Evaluation in Clinical Practice, showed that women with "high cholesterol" levels (above 270 mg/dL) had close to 30 percent less chance of dying of heart disease, a heart attack, or a stroke than those women with normal to low cholesterol (under 193 mg/dL)."


--page 66


Another great book to explain how cholesterol is good, good, good for us is Grain Brain by Dr. David Perlmutter.

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went back, retest shows 10  points higher HDL and 9 lower LDL

they want me to :

keep increased exercise

keep drinking red wine if I want to

keep avoiding sugar and processed foods

get fats from olive oil, avocados ( oil ok too), and almonds

eat less saturated fat


all doable with in W30 except wine and I am done with my W30 and doing my own W9 stuff now


the pharmacist said at their practice they also focus on increasing fiber but that is no problem with what I have been eating so no need to  add grains or legumes

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