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8 days to go and not feeling much better!


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I'm 8 days away from finishing Whole30 but I am yet to feel that burst of energy that is said to happen. In fact I'm struggling! I feel lethargic during the day and just want to sleep in the afternoons, my bloating hasn't gone down, I'm still struggling with digestion (I posted on this here recently as well and got some digestive enzymes to see if they would help).

To be honest I was feeling slightly better in the first week or 2 and then all of a sudden things went south again.

Anyway I really don't know what to do. Do I go on longer with the program? Is there something I'm not doing right?

I guess I just thought by this stage and from reading what other people write that I would be at least feeling better by this stage.

I'm wondering if I need a do over!

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I'm sorry you aren't feeling that great!! Have you tried experimenting with additional protein or fat at each meal? I know last week I was feeling like you said...lethargic and just exhausted by afternoon. I tried upping my protein at lunch and adding a little more fat (avocado) to my breakfast. It helped a lot! Maybe try posting a few days of your food log so some of the mods can take a look?

Good luck!!

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Thanks TripleM. I feel like I'm already having so much fat and protein! I eat eggs most mornings, I'll either cook them in bacon fat if I'm making bacon as well or I'll use ghee or coconut oil. I'll either have some veggies with the eggs like an omeletter or frittata whatever you want to call it. I'll probably have 1 or 1/2 an avocado on the side as well. Maybe even some sauerkraut.

Lunch will either be leftovers of some sort from dinner, which is either chicken breast, grassfed ground beef/lamb, steak or whatever meat was for dinner and a salad of some sort. Some more veggies maybe. Or again I'll have eggs.

I don't snack very often but If I do I'll make a smoothie of some sort using unsweetened almond milk, or a chia pudding with frozen berries or I'll snack on toasted coconut flakes. Sometimes I'll snack on nuts but not always.

Fruit wise I stick to mainly berries, bananas, kiwi fruit, sometimes pears and apples. I'm not a big fruit eater and prefer my veggies.

I take fish oil as a supplement and recently on the digestive enzymes.

Liquid wise mainly water, sometimes herbal teas, and then the smoothies.

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See how you feel after being on the digestive enzymes for a few days. They may make a big difference, but it takes some time.

Almond milk in a carton from the refrigerated section of the grocery store is not Whole30-compliant - too many unpronounceable ingredients. I don't think anyone has ever found acceptable almond milk, but you could make your own with almonds and water.

Chia seeds are popular as health food in some segments of the food world, but not in the Whole30 neighborhood. Dallas and Melissa recommend avoiding chia seeds. See page 176 of It Starts with Food for the explanation.

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Hi Tom,

Thanks for that info. I've been on the digestive enzymes for a few days now but can't tell much difference. I'll start making my own almond milk and see if that helps and avoid the chia seeds. Also I was wondering in terms of meat are sausages like these ok to use during Whole30?


It looks like I might have to start my Whole30 journey again.

Also how can I get notifications sent to me that someone has replied to me on here?

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