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My WholeHealthyLife :)


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I had my Back to Basics Whole30 log for almost two months but it's time to begin anew. I continue to stay compliant almost all the time. My off-road experiences have been things like a little butter or oil or prepared foods at a wedding, a few things at my mother's house like a handful of roasted nuts (with canola oil), a sip of wine I tried but didn't like, a small handful of popcorn (once), some cinnamon almonds with artificial sweetener that I had purchased prior to my August Whole30 and won't buy again etc. Honestly nothing too terrible. I have had no dairy, bread, pasta, cookies, sugar, cake, ice cream, candy etc. "White" foods are particularly bad for me and best to avoid.


  • I am a 45 year old mother of three.
  • I have no health "issues" or chronic conditions.
  • I began 2012 with a plan to improve the quality of foods my family eats (they are not Paleo, but still eating better than before), and to commit to regular exercise and get in shape. I was pretty darn unfit on January 1st. Now in September I am probably in the best overall shape of my life. And going for more!
  • I did Whole30 #1 in February 2012 but was unprepared to commit to a Paleo lifestyle long-term when my Whole30 ended. I went back to many non-Paleo foods, gained some weight and then stopped worrying about it. I maintained my weight through the summer and began another Whole30 July 31st. I feel amazing now and can notice changes in my body. I am very encouraged to see what the rest of the year will bring.

So here is my PLAN...

Whole2012 September 17 until December 31

I will remain Whole30 compliant for my food and beverages for this time period with the exceptions of...

  • October 5th - My 10th anniversary
  • October 13th - a large family event that will be held in my home (alcohol only, not non-compliant food)
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Christmas Eve (beginning after Mass, about 5 pm, not the whole day)
  • Christmas Day
  • New Year's Eve (alcohol only, not non-compliant food)

Acceptable off-roading for these days shall be limited to:

  • red wine, limit 3 glasses or vodka martinis, limit 2
  • up to three bites of a starchy or sugary foods (bread, pasta or dessert)
  • one cup of my Mom's mashed potatoes with butter on Thanksgiving Day, plus a little giblet gravy
  • non-compliant butter or oil on prepared meat or veggies (others may prepare some dishes for various events)
  • a reasonable serving of various chocolates and cookies my German mother always buys/makes for Christmas.
  • a little goat cheese or gorgonzola on my salads (I absolutely LOVE goat cheese)

That's the basic plan. I can't think of anything else worth slowing down my progress. I certainly have no intention of ordering lasagna or pizza when I off-road. It's going to have to be something much better than that.

I love my new body and am very pleased with all the changes I have made this year. It's been more than just a dietary change. I started with exercise, then spent much of the year working to develop a healthy, whole foods dietary approach that is sustainable for ME. After some struggles and stops and starts, I think I finally figured it out!

I am strength training and running to improve my fitness. I plan to begin the New Year Healthy and Fit!

FYI - The attached picture is from a wedding this past weekend. A year ago I never would have worn a bright pink dress but I felt awesome and perfectly comfortable in this one. Improved body image is a wonderful thing.


My Whole30 #2 Log that preceded this one...


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Whata great job- you look awesome ! I like the plan you have and your attitude.

I have started up again after finishing on Saturday. Perhaps a more specific road map like the one you have set for yourself-

I don't plan to off road on much-it'll have to be something REALLY special.

Nice,nice job-what a great Christmas present to yourself !

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Derval, Abaker711, Phanniemae, Renee, and Bridget - THANK YOU!

I am loving feeling good about myself. A year ago my mantra was that I wanted a "healthy mind, body and soul". The body part is progressing nicely, the mind and soul are works in progress but getting better. In all areas, I just want to continue moving a bit closer to my goals each month. Over time the transformation can be amazing.

I don't plan to log all my meals but here is what I had today so far...

Preworkout: HB egg, coffee with coconut milk.

Exercise: Bench press, seated rows, upright rows, assisted pullups, 30 minute walk on an indoor track with a few interval laps (9 laps = one mile) mixed in.

Meal 1: 3 HB eggs, more coffee with coconut milk. I don't eat veggies or fruit in the morning usually. Just 4 eggs total between 6:30 and 8:30 and it holds me until at least noon, sometimes 2pm.

Meal 2: 2 cans sardines (TJ's water packed), handful of roasted almonds, small apple.

Meal 3: TJ's seafood blend (shrimp, scallops and calamari) sauteed with a little ghee, roasted garlic olive oil, garlic, salt and lemon juice. Spooned the seafood and juices over a bed of steamed kale. And a small apple.

Feel a bit munchy but hoping not to eat too much more this evening. This is my hardest time of the day to stop eating. Even if I had a satisfying dinner, I still want more. Such a bad habit. Will make a big mug of Natural Calm in a bit. I like it hot. I should have it every night but it's not habit so I am trying to do it more often. In recent weeks, I sometimes add about an ounce or two of the TJ's Rio Red Grapefruit juice to it and it's quite refreshing. Would never drink the juice on its own. It's pretty sweet if not diluted. It has compliant ingredients since its only sweetened with fruit juices so its nice to use to flavor plain water from time to time..

My kids actually ate the seafood blend and liked it! I only made it tonight because I told them we were having fish but I was out of the frozen cod that I usually keep in reserve for a quick meal.Tried zucchini noodles on them again. None of them love it but they all had a few bites. Then they had a half slice of leftover pizza and some applesauce. I was just happy they tried new foods. They aren't Paleo so I let them have small servings of ice cream for dessert. They did have apples and nuts for their after school snack...

At times I feel a bit hypocritical for feeding my family foods that I have chosen not to eat, but then I look back at what they ate a year ago. It's quite different now and they eat less processed foods than before so they are moving in the right direction, just like me. Just at a slower pace... ;)

Good night all!

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That doesn't sound like much food for the whole day.

I hope you are getting enough food (veggies included) to fuel your workouts and keep you burning fat over muscle.

I do love the sounds of the seafood mix over kale. Yum!

Thanks for the concern Renee. I have been eating a bit more fruit than veggies some days lately. Just laziness I think. I ended up eating 2 more HB eggs and a small handful of almonds and raisins before bed. And I forgot to log the baby carrots I ate while my kids were at Taekwondo class. I promise you, I eat a lot!

My strength training sessions are 30 minutes. Yesterday's strength stuff was just extra. I am trying to do a little extra at least once a week since I have gone from 3x30 min strength sessions per week to 2x30 strength and 1x30 conditioning sessions per week. Jonathan pushes me hard for my sessions, especially on conditioning days. Would definitely have trouble doing a whole hour with him but if it weren't so expensive I would love to do 5 days a week. :)

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Had a strange day. Good workout this morning, but still feeling a bit tired from the weekend. Just need more sleep. Unfortunately, hubby is gone on short business trip so no rest for the weary at my house...

Ate compliant foods all day, but had major snack attack this afternoon. :( Ate a big handful of almonds, a handful of raisins, an apple just a couple hours after lunch. Wasn't exactly a binge, but I had strange compelling urge to eat and I let myself do it. Not feeling guilty about it, but hoping it was just an odd day.

So last night we had the seafood trio and the kids really liked it. Tonight we tried the TJ's turkey burgers. Ingredients: turkey, kosher salt, rosemary extract. That's it. Pretty good option to keep in the freezer for a quick meal which is why we tried it. The kids gave three thumbs up for the turkey burgers. Woo Hoo! Always nice to have an easy and healthy food to serve. I gave them some gluten free Annie's Rice and Cheddar pasta, and only one of my kids ate any. Not sure why I even bother to give them any but sometimes they like it. We only have pasta as a side dish a few times a month and now most of that is at least gluten free so we are making progress. Sandwiches are pretty rare now too.

I had some barbecue sauce that I bought for the family because it didn't have HFCS. It listed brown sugar. I missed that further down the list it had corn syrup. It was all I had so tonight for the kids I made a little sauce with some of it. Most BBQ sauce is too spicy for them. I used a little BBQ sauce, some tomato paste and water, plus a jar of baby food pureed plums/prunes. I read somewhere it could be used to sweeten a sauce without sugar. Worked pretty well and the kids liked it. After dinner I dumped out the rest of the BBQ sauce and cleaned out the bottle. I think I will make some homemade Paleo BBQ sauce one day and refill the bottle. For my family it needs to be sweet and not too terribly spicy or sour. Think I can fake out my hubby if I keep the old bottle and use it for my sauce?

For dessert for the kids, I sauteed two whole bananas in butter (medium-high heat) until they started to get lightly brown and caramelized. Then I sprinkled a little cinnamon on them and received three thumbs up from the kids. My boys really liked them, my daughter enjoyed it but was less enthusiastic about it.

Going to bed now so I won't be tempted to eat more. Thankfully days like this are few and far between and tomorrow should be a great day again.

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Yay! I am glad to see your post W30 log. You look terrific! I love your plan for the rest of the year. I have been toying with when my next whole30 will be. I can already feel it slipping away. My foods are compliant but my behaviors need some work! I've been eating a lot of fruit and freakin coconut butter lately. I think it's because of stress, though.

Tomorrow is a new day! Just think of the positive aspects of your day and I'm sure they overcompensate for snacking. :)

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I agree with Laura. I am better with my food but struggle with my habits and emotions still.

Looks like we are all in the same boat Renee. Such a hard thing to break those old habits and stop unhealthy behaviors.

I mentioned on Derval's log that "I ate my weight in almonds and raisins yesterday". Not exactly but I had a lot of it. Like 1500? calories worth throughout the afternoon and evening. Craziness. Behaviors like this are not very frequent but they still happen.

I think I might start counting my "binge-free" days to stay a bit more mindful and aware and better understand the frequency of them. The compelling need to eat is what will define them. Some of my snacks yesterday were eaten in a healthy way. The ones I had last night were not. Today is Binge-Free Day 1. For shorthand I will just put BFD1 at the top of my posts.

September 20, 2012


My routines were out of whack all morning. Hubby out of town, dentist appt before preschool dropoff so I took my little guy with me (he was awesome) and then errands much of the morning. Never got to the gym and only managed a 35 minute walk around lunchtime. I went to my son's preschool early and walked until his school day ended. Better than nothing, right? No way I am going to break my streak of exercise that began on January 1st.

No urges to binge or snack excessively so far today. Hopefully yesterday was just a one day thing. I feel like a broken record stating that I need to eat less dried fruit (mostly raisins) and nuts. They are such a bad habit. Today will definitely be raisin and nut free. Tomorrow too. Think I will roast some tiny brussels sprouts to have as a healthier snack option. I haven't had them in a long time.

Meal 1: 4 eggs, coffee with coconut milk, handful of grapes.

Meal 2: Sardines, leftover kale, baby carrots, one egg.

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All in all I did pretty well today food wise. I didn't eat much with my late lunch and then the afternoon got busy so I ate a lot at dinner. Total for the day was reasonable though.

Found out after my kid's got home from school that my very kind 87-year old neighbor passed away early this morning. We've been in our house almost 10 years so it's pretty sad to know he's gone. His wife always gets little gifts for our kids and since they are pretty much home-bound now my kids bring the mail to their door a few days a week. My neighbor's wife just loves children but most of their grandchildren live out of state. Thankful to have a Whole Foods here. I went and bought a roasted chicken, side dishes and dessert for the family. Just had to do something, you know? Plus I'm sure it was better and faster than what I could have made on short notice. They have lots of family coming in town tomorrow and Saturday. Waiting for funeral arrangements to be finalized. :(

I wrote this on another thread just now. I want to capture the thoughts here for my reference so I am posting it again here...

"I guess I am not alone in having a former cereal binge problem. I could go through at least half a box. One bowl. Then back to the kitchen for another. And another. When I am very anxious or stressed, I really want crunchy foods not necessarily sugary foods. Just something with a satisfying crunch really helps calm and soothe me. At least until I start feeling guilty for eating whatever binge food I am consuming. Cereal, wheat thins, popcorn, and honey wheat pretzels were my favorites before. I find I have similar behavior with raisins and nuts though. Not too frequent, but still an issue I need to work on. Baby carrots just don't do the trick which is fine with me because working to change the behavior pattern is more important than simply swapping a non-Whole30 binge food for a compliant one. (I think it is no small coincidence that after I declared today to be a nut and dried fruit free day, I ate baby carrots and sliced radishes with guacamole as part of my dinner. Crunch, Crunch, Crunch)."

Going to make some tea and then have some Natural Calm. Kitchen's closed. :)

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Thanks Renee and Derval. Always a sad time when someone passes.

September 21


Pre-Workout: HB egg. coffee with coconut milk

Exercise: 30 minutes learning Clean and Jerks. Trainer broke it down into smaller movements and made me practice with a light bar (20 lbs? 25?) until I understood what I needed to do. Then we added a little weight and did either the clean part or jerk part. Then we put it all together. By the end I was doing 3 rep sets with 60 lbs. And my trainer said my form was really good. I think I did better than he expected me to because he is very particular on form and knew it took practice to learn this one. Felt good, but different from our regular workouts.

Moving to new training site beginning Monday. It's more CrossFit like than my gym. Pretty bare bones kind of a place, but they have all I could possibly need to get fit. My trainer and his two other trainer friends all workout there in the afternoons together. My trainer has been planning the move for a long time. My gym not doing great financially and might close later in the year. Who knows. Funny thing is the only reason I have my trainer now is that the other trainer I really thought I wanted moved to this other training facility the day after I signed my training contract (had to do with the gym GM who was a jerk). Now I am so glad to have Jonathan instead because as much as I liked the training style of the other trainer, Jonathan trains the same way and is a better personality fit for me. New beginnings on Monday. Olympic Lifting here I come!

Meal 1: 3 eggs, a few grapes

Felt so tired today. Skipped my walk after the gym and went back to bed. Slept on and off for a couple of hours. I think after my 10K tomorrow I need to figure out a way to train hard, and to get adequate rest. Think I need a consistently earlier bed time. And maybe even skip a training day and just go for a walk every now and then. Hope I have plenty of energy for my race in the morning!

Snack 1: Baby carrots and guacamole

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So excited for your lifting!!

I am meeting with a pt I have worked with before on weds (he was very good & is letting me defer payment till end of month) I am so excited to get back to dead lifting etc and I told him I wanted a pull up progression programme, whoop whoop! We'll be supermommies!

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