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Trying to figure things out/ lifting and carbs/ not losing weight


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Ok so I'm a sugar addict I've ate whole 30 for a while because I love the food,the recipes, and it takes out everything I can't have anyway well because I'm a true addict and have the thinking like an addict I rushed. Into going to a nutrition and exercise consultant. Started doing BodyBeast. This consultant plans my meals but I told her I can't do wheat as It causes depression and certain things just trigger me. So she had me eating lots of rice things rice cakes, crackers you know to keep my carbs up. I got triggered and have been off track for a week now. I told her I needed something different and can't do those carbs anyway she still has me eating certain things I haven't lost weight although I'm gaining muscle but I have close to 50# to lose and a while ago I went to a doc he wanted me to do the ketogenic so I said ok did it for two weeks didn't lose an oz and messed up my bowl movements went back to whole 30 lost 5# a week later. So I guess what I'm getting at is I don't think my body will lose weight while on carbs. Why do you need carbs to build muscle and lean out. So many who do crossfit do paleo or whole 30 so I'm just not understanding this. I'm frustrated and don't know what to do

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