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I started 10/29


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Hi, I am doing this alone and have a hectic lifestyle. I am a nursing student and a mom of 3. I am having a hard day today and am craving all the non whole30 approved foods. I need some support. Please tell me it gets easier. I am feeling better and am proud of how far I have made it this far, I just WANT CARBS lol


Any support is welcomed


Thank you in advance :)

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It does get easier! Some days are harder than others, but take it one day or one hour at a time. It's "only" 30 days! You CAN do this, and you'll be so happy with yourself by sticking to it.

Use this weekend (or whenever you get a day off work) to prep to help make work/schooldays easier. My first W30 I found myself chopping veggies every day, so I learned to prep them on the weekend morning when I had more energy and then the whole week went better. My goal ended up being to not have to drag out the cutting board all week and it worked! I have also found that cooking meat ahead of time was huge... Make yourself a pork roast and cut or shred it. Great crockpot recipe Here: http://meljoulwan.com/2013/12/29/whole30-2014-week-1-meal-plan/. Also cook up some chicken thighs and breasts in the oven. All that doesn't take too terribly long on the weekend.

.. You can pack your cooked meat, veggies and nuts for a great, easy to eat lunch. Also found that having a few snak bags packed with 10 olives make packing easier in morning rush time.. Grab the stuff and out the door!

I found great satisfaction in having another compliant day each day... I even went longer than the 30 days because eating this way felt great, but I think it took me 2-3 weeks before I felt like I was organized, though each step along the way it got easier. They say the first 10 days are the hardest usually. Don't give up!

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