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Day 5 - Stayin' Alive Redux: How's everyone doing?


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Well you can tell by way I fill my plate

I'm Whole30; no time to wait
Veggies high and good fats too, and lots of protein
Good for you
And now it's all right, it's OK
I made it through another day . . . .
Day 5! I'm still in the honeymoon phase of being very grateful for more . . . clarity and buoyancy.
And also shocked at what satiety--not too full and not hungry again two hours later--feels like. It's probably worth it for emotional eaters like me to do Whole30 just to re-experience that feeling.
My biggest challenge is learning to schedule my meals to accommodate classes, meetings, workouts and workdays that don't follow a pattern everyday, but I'm getting better. 
And, I've also experienced a lot of "resting" yesterday and this morning--another forgotten experience for me as I tend to careen between full-out and . . . collapse.
Oh, and the "digital treats" in the Whole 30 Daily are well worth the price of a subscription! 
How are all you Day 5-ers doing?
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