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Hi there 

two questions-- I am having snacks as I am 4.5 months pregnant....Does this mess the digestion that the Hartwigs talk about in the three meals a day?


Secondly, they say only to have 20% protein, I dont want to go counting calories, but how do i know that i am getting enough carbs?  


Omelette + Navel Orange


15 pistachios- snack


tuna on salad and lots of veggies - added carrots, pumpkin and sweet potato


I am using some of the recipes from paleo leap and they dont have carbs at every meal (a fruit or tuber) is that an issue?


How do others deal with this to make sure baby is ok?

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Hey there

Congrats on your pregnancy & welcome to Whole30  :) 

Measure your protein against the size of your palm - the length, width, & depth of your palm - and ensure you are getting the recommended minimum quantity of 1-2 palm sized pieces per meal.

Regarding carbs ALL vegetables have carbs, some just have lower quantities than others. Our recommendation is for a fist sized serving of starchy veg a day so you could easily get this in in one meal - some folk find though that they need more so if you are prone to anxiety/depression, or are very active, certainly feel free to add in more.

Nuts are an *okay* fat source, but you may find that if you are snacking on them regularly that you'll start to suffer from digestive stress so try & mix it up a little, and try to compose your snacks with at least two of the three macro nutrients - so fat & protein, fat & carbs, or protein & carbs. If you are finding the need to snack regularly you should probalby increase the size of your meals.

I don't know what advice your nominated midwife or GP/Dr has given you, but I was always told that you do not need to eat for two - back when I ate grain I was advised that an extra weetabix with milk would suffice so don't eat unless you are genuinely hungry.

Really try to tune in to your body's signals - it will tell you what it needs right now. If you are hungry, eat. If you are tired, rest. And remember to not skimp on the water - aim for a half an ounce of water per pound of body weight, daily.

Hope this helps.

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Thanks! I was actually just re-reading the Whole30 book which says YAY to snacks while preggo which is great. I took their recommendation to look at calories for the day in the beginning, but i will go nuts if i keep that up, so I will stop that probably after today.   


Where does the 'fist size' originate from re the starchy veggie?


Also re- nuts - thanks for the suggestion, I love it.  Thats true they arent the best, I was on the go and had to move forward. I think if i just take a look at having some carb with my meal - be it fruit or some bit of starch i should be ok :)


I really appreciate your response.  :D



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The fist sized serving is just a recommendation we use on the forum as a minimum - personally when I'm having starchy veg it tends to be mixed roasted veg or mixed root mash & it literally fills what's left of my plate after I've dished out my protein.


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When you're pregnant your body will tell you fairly well what it needs. It's been interesting to watch for me - I'm at 30 weeks as of today.


First trimester was the trickiest for me, with regards to what I could stomach or not. But in the second and third trimesters - when baby is doing less organ generation and more pure growth/weight gain all I've wanted are fats and carbs of any and every variety. Those generally make sense with what 'Twig' is doing in there - weight gain and subcutaneous fat gain both line up well with fats and carbs. Overall I've been a little off of meats the whole pregnancy. I can eat them now, but I don't usually WANT them, per se.

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