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Day 31


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So I did my 30 days, and overall it was a very positive experience, if not at all times easy or comfortable. My findings, in short-and-sweet fashion.


Positive Changes:

16 pound weight loss (with no changes to extremely inactive habits besides Whole30 eating)

visible decrease in face puffiness

increased energy (though only in the last few days, finally!)

total lack of sugar cravings (previously prone to major sugar binges)

thoroughly kicked 3-a-day diet soda habit


Persistent Issues:

Digestive issues still a problem despite introducing probiotics, digestive enzymes, and fiber to diet. This has been a long-term issue of mine and Whole30 did not seem to make much of an impact there, at least as of yet.

No improvement to nail/hair strength - a bit disappointing, but that's been another life-long issue, so unlikely to magically have a short-term resolution.

As mentioned on another subforum here, I may need to re-evaluate my dosage of ADHD medication, since the drastic sugar-cut may be reducing its effectiveness.


Going forward, I'm going to work on a few reintroductions, take stock of other markers of health when I have a doctor's appointment with blood work next week, and try to keep up a paleo-style predominantly Whole30 diet through the holidays, with a few exceptions for once-a-year special treats. I'm also going to begin a program of exercise on Monday to see if we can keep these improvements, particularly the weight loss, going with some additional effort. I have a good 100 pounds to go to be where I would like to be, so this is just the beginning.


Thanks for the support and assistance of the various members and mods on this forum!

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