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Day 8...I'm done!


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Hi guys

This is my first post and sorry it's a moaning one.

I'm doing my first whole30 and am on day 8. I feel horrible today-I have my second cold sore in the week and feel so....blah! You know the horrible feeling when you're about to come down with a bad cold?

I'm British but living in Cyprus and the veg out here is mostly great as we get a lot of things that are locally in season, but the meat is a bit hit or miss. I've started finding the beef and chicken really bad quality and fatty, so I'm having more pork and fish and am now getting board.

Today, I just can't stomach breakfast.

I knew this was coming,and I'm not actually going to stop, but this isn't nice :-(

Sorry for the moan. I guess I just need a kick up the ass!!! Haha

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Most people quit around day 10, some earlier some later. Don't get discouraged. The best way for success is to plan ahead. Get some great recipes that you love and that will help you through it. Check out The Clothes Make The Girl or Nom Nom Paleo. They both have 30 day meal plans and tons of great recipes that are whole30 compliant. Good Luck!

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