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Day 16..half way there.  Just had "Sister's Weekend," an annual shopping event that includes being surrounded by donuts, candy, caramel corn, deep fried appetizers, pasta, desserts, etc..etc.., you can imagine. 


This year was no different but I did not partake at all!! SO PROUD!   I had plenty of compliant "travel food" with me taken from the book suggestions.  I also reviewed the dining out suggestions and followed them.


For 3 days in restaurants for nearly every meal I explained I had dietary restrictions and ordered items specifically prepared and tipped well.  It was fabulous. I found waters & waitresses very open and helpful.  I was the only one in the group that didn't feel miserable after each meal :P


I do feel like there HAD to be some amount of MSG or something in some of the salads & such at some of the restaurants which wait staff didn't realize (or cop to), but hopefully not all.  Last one was breakfast Sunday AM where I was sure "fresh fruit" was not fresh.  I could tell it likely came to them frozen in bulk and had to have something added to it.  Didn't smell like fruit, look like fruit or taste like fruit so after the first bite I did not eat it. 


Will gear up for just as much success over Thanksgiving travels. THANK YOU authors and moderators for all the tips!

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