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Post Whole30 Success-- goodbye sugar, hello abs!


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I am now 10 days out from my first Whole30, and have finished working through a reintroduction that didn't quite follow the recommendations exactly, but close enough to teach me some important things.


First, lets talk about my pictures (click to enlarge), because why not? My starting weight was 159 pounds. I'd been hovering around this weight for the better part of a year. I have a toddler that just turned two this week. So almost two years ago to the day, I weighed 194 pounds when I went into deliver my sweet, wild baby. The baby weight slooooowly came off over the first year while breastfeeding, eating sensibly, and exercising modestly. I was never in a rush to lose it. However, I seemed to stall out around 156-159 pounds. My pre-pregnancy happy weight is somewhere closer to 140. So I was looking to change things up and to jumpstart continued weight loss, trying to get to the weight that I feel most comfortable in my body.


My post Whole30 pictures are at 150 pounds, and I can now celebrate the return of my abs! Aside from losing 9 pounds, I can fit into almost all of my old clothes comfortably again (I was previously kind of squeezing into them and not feeling great about it).


The Whole30 gave me a mega food wake up call. I always told myself that I ate very healthy. Generally, my cart at the store was over 50% produce, most of our meals were made from scratch, I bought mostly organic and ate very little processed food or fast food. But it was everything outside of the meals that was a disaster. My morning kicked off with a sweetened coffee and sweetened oatmeal, mid-morning might be a handful of Hershey's kisses, mid-afternoon was a few heaping spoonfuls of ice cream from the carton (feed that sugar dragon!), post dinner was a glass of wine (or two) followed by a handful of jellybeans.


I am now able to clearly identify my foods-without-breaks: anything with added sugar (candy, muffins, ice cream, banana bread, pretty much anything sweet starts a domino effect) certain types of cheese, and wine. I don't think that I can never, ever have these foods again, but I do realize that I have to be EXTRA mindful of the out-of-control affect they can have on me.


On my daughter's birthday, I chose to eat a few bites of her cupcake. I made this decision mindfully. Two hours later, I gave into an impulse to eat a handful of toffee almonds. Two hours after that, I gave into an impulse to have a glass of wine (but just one). I knew that the almonds and the wine were because of the cupcake. To top it off, the wine made me have my worst night of sleep in a month. Ok body. Message received.


I feel like I'm in an awesome place to really take control of my food decisions. I am able to face my weaknesses and impulses-- not feel ashamed of them but acknowledge them for what they are. I am pretty sure weight will continue to slowly fall off as I eliminate the 500 or so calories a day of sugar and cheese and wine I was previously eating. I'm not going to eliminate anything else from my diet-- I have celiac disease so I'm already gluten free-- but I'm going to continue to focus on filling my plate with protein and vegetables before anything else.

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And just for fun, here's a photos from pre-pregnancy me, mega-pregnant me, and post Whole30 me. I'm a few pounds heavier now than I was pre-pregnancy, but I just wanted to show this for women who are going through this same struggle. This took patience (two years!), a little weight lifting, some running, some yoga, some lucky genetics and a Whole30, but I'm happy to find it was possible for me to return back to my old body without over-the-top dieting and exercise or pills or shakes or wraps or whatever.

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