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My Whole30 results: 25 LBS down AND non scale victories!!!!!


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Yesterday was day 30 for me on my first Whole30. I woke up today and so far have still been in Whole30 compliance. It is time to reintroduce some food groups and I am still deciding on the order I do that but that is another topic. For now, I want to discuss my Whole30 experience. But first, a little background. I am a 45 year old male, 5"7" (on a good day) and started the program at about 300 lbs.


Things I learned from the process in no particular order:


1) I believe I have problems with nightshades that include upsetting my bowels and possibly inflammation. This is disappointing because I love tomoatoes, tomato sauce, ketchup etc...I found this out the last week of the program so some more experimentation is needed.


2) Once you get accustomed to not eating sugar or things that turn to sugar veggies taste so much better!


3)I get less ear wax build up when eating Whole30 style. LOL


4)That home made Mayo really does rock!


5)All these years I thought I had gotten lazy in certain aspects of life and thought my will power had decreased. The truth is now obvious. When you are not eating clean, you flat out do not have energy. Also, the processed foods have so many addicting things that cause physical addiction yet virtually zero real nourishment for your body. I found myself gladly doing household chores and doing extra things for my job that I never did before.


6)You can season anything to taste good with natural spices and such.


7)Food really is fuel. It is not for pleasure, even though it can bring pleasure. I always stuck to the "Shopping List" and ate compliant foods, but on days where I did not eat enough or in the right balance I was definitely fatigued and felt run down even late into the program.


8)I am actually a pretty decent cook and have potential to keep getting better at cooking!


Now let's discuss my victories:


On the scale I dropped 25 lbs in 30 days. I went from just under 300 lbs. to just under 275 lbs. Anything under 15 would have been a disappointment for me. I was thinking I had probably hit the 20 mark but when I stepped on the scale today and saw it was 25 I was pretty pumped up!


Non scale victories:


Hardly any headaches for the past 30 days compared to every other day headaches before! The couple that I experienced during the program were most likely to my neck being out of sorts.


Less pain in my lower back and knees (partially due to weight loss but mainly due to clean eating and eliminating the processed stuff).


Acid Reflux went from SEVERE to moderate. It is probably still a little worse than moderate actually, but I have noticed improvement.


Skin is a little clearer


More energy to live life and accomplish things


I did grow an addiction during this process- Stir Fried Veggies! That is a good addiction for a change!


New outlook on life. My weight does not seem so hopeless anymore and I am starting to believe I can get back down under 200 lbs.



I hope this inspires anyone reading this. Particularly if you were brought to this website or forum and were just looking for some motivation and some real, actual results. I must say that the only thing that is "hard" about this plan after the first couple of days, for me at least, was the fact that you have to prepare three meals a day. That is right, you have to cook and clean three times a day. This may be a shock to some like it was to me. My wife and son were not on the plan so I cooked for the first time since college and I did it three times a day. It seemed like a real hassle at first but after about a week the energy started kicking in and that made it much easier and all the worthwhile! I did it and you can do it too!



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Great! Really, keep us posted on how things go as you move forward. I like how you said that food is first fuel and pleasure is for sometimes but not necessarily all the time. I just ate a dinner of canned tuna salad and frozen veg - hungry, need the fuel and no time/energy for anything fancier. It did the job. I second your vote for the homemade mayo!

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