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Was told to start eating yogurt


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So am on day 17. My skin has improved and even my clothes are not tight but I haven't lost any weight but I do feel good. So last Friday I started having a bad itch down there. Now I have a severe sugar dragon and I thought maybe it's yeast infection. Tried all the Otc and my itch turns into a burning rush that was just spreading all over my pubic area so I checked my self in at the hospital where I was diagnosed with bacterial vaginitis and was told to eat yogurt. I still have not eaten. I worked really had to get ready for this diet. Am taking antibiotics and also no yeast infection but I do have a uti so taking cipro for that too.

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You will get much (MUCH) more mileage from a quality probiotic supplement than you will ever get from eating yogurt.


You can also insert plain, organic yogurt vaginally to help repopulate the good bacteria.  I have not done this myself, but I hear it is very soothing, as well.  Google is your friend on this one.  :)

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Yogurt is recommended because of the probiotics.  You can actually just take the probiotics themselves rather than eating yogurt.  At the risk of TMI, you may also consider that you can apply plain, unsweetened yogurt....er....topically. 


If you eat yogurt you would no longer be doing a Whole30 (doctor's orders trump W30 in the case of medications, not "home remedy" suggestions) but you are free to do whatever you need to do in order to feel better!

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In the same way that not all yogurts are the same (or even related to yogurt in some cases), not all probiotics are created equally. My naturopath told me to only buy the ones that are stored in the fridge. Beyond that, I can't help you, but I wanted to toss that out there in case you don't see an improvement and are tempted to eat the yogurt. Check your probiotic first. If you have a really good health food store with well trained staff, they can probably help you with the selection.


Hopefully you got a good one first time around, and can ignore this! Best of luck.

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