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Moderation in, well, moderation


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After my first full Whole30, I had a couple of days where I basically stuck to the plan with some small tastes & tests, and then it all slowly went to hell. I know that sugar is definitely addicting to me now, and I know that stress eating is a huge trigger. I also have some mental work to do around restrictions and freedom - I had very little difficulty while in the W30, but my eating in the past two weeks has gotten more and more binge-like, which I know is partly in reaction to having felt limited.

Hopefully logging what I eat and what's going on will help me regain some control. I also plan to get up and move if the urge to stress eat hits.

Tomorrow is another day. :)

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I find that when I log my food it keeps me accountable. Especially if someone is going to read it. I like My Fitness Pal, not for tracking calories but for keeping my Macros in check. Have I eaten enough fat lately? How much sugar is in this item? etc. Plus it is portable on my phone so I can keep track of everything throughout the day and then come back here and report for my fans ;)

Good Luck.

I also like the fact that I can do a WholeX and add in 5, 7, 19 days of solid clean eating before an event or just to get back on track.

Good luck

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Making a commitment to logging things here helped me hang tough. Today was pretty frustrating and challenging at work (the usual stuff, nothing major) and I definitely wanted to give in to the sugar demon at several points during the day. I was too busy to implement the "swap exercise/movement for cravings" strategy (although I was on the move all day) but I did talk myself out of hitting the office candy jar or grabbing a soda. Hopefully tomorrow the knowledge that I had a clean day will make it easier to stay clean (not wanting to break a streak). And writing now is helping me avoid nighttime sugary snacking.

Breakfast: fried eggs with salsa and avocado, coffee with coconut milk

Snack: grapes & applesauce/banana/coconut "puck" (not W30, but ok in my book as it is for convenience not craving)

Lunch: "cream" of asparagus soup and green salad with HB egg and avocado

Snack: cashews

Dinner: leftover chicken, chard and tomato stew with baked squash on the side

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One thing I have been trying to keep in mind every time I get the craving or want to emotional eat.........

This food I'm thinking of eating is either

1. making me more healthy


2. making me less healthy

There is no inbetween. I can't remember where I heard this (I think ISWF), but regardless, I try to keep this in mind and it helps to keep me in check....most of the time....

Good luck and stand strong! You deserve to fuel your body well!

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I managed to stay on track at work, but gave in to chocolate after dinner. On the plus side, it was dark chocolate, no soy (so the only problem ingredient was sugar). Minus, I ate half the bar (4X what I intended when I opened it). Also minus (but vague plus hidden within), I didn't even LIKE it that much. It was triggered by habit (after dinner sweets) and emotion. Bleh.

Otherwise, a decent day:

B - turkey sausage, egg, watermelon & coffee with coconut milk

S - pumpkin puck and grapes

L - salad with HB egg and asparagus soup

S - cashews

D - apple and chicken sausage with onions, peppers, and chard

S - dark chocolate with almonds

If at first you don't succeed, try, try again. Did you know that if you make a fist (or clench any muscle apparently) when trying to resist temptation, you are more likely to stick to your goal? I've tried it and it works. I need to make more fists tomorrow! :)

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Fists did not help much today. Perhaps I should take up kegeling instead.

B: eggs, salsa, (underripe) avocado, watermelon, grapes, almonds, coffee & coconut milk

S: pumpkin puck

L: green salad with tuna, two egg muffins (egg, sweet potato, onion, sausage)

S: Larabar, Coke (uh huh, I succumbed) 3 mini snickers, cashews

D: nicoise-esque salad: green beans, tuna, tomatoes, vinaigrette

S: the rest of that ^&*$ chocolate bar

At least the chocolate is out of the house and the Coke is out of the work fridge. And tomorrow is yet again another day.

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