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I can make it an Official Whole30 now (or soon)


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Well, now I have no excuse to NOT do a full thirty days. My much-anticipated trip to Europe has been cancelled in light of the deteriorating security conditions in Belgium. :(


Mixed feelings about this. The decision has been taken out of my hands so I don't have to worry that I am jeopardizing my or my family's safety by taking the trip. But darn it, I really wanted to see that part of the world! Maybe someday...




-Lauren (GGG)


Just whining and wanted to post somewhere.


On the bright side, if I cut out those tiny remaining non-compliant elements (balsamic vinegar with sulfites; mystery Korean food labels and the occasional SWYPO compliant treat), I could probably start as early as tomorrow on "official" Day 1 (unofficial Day 15), which would land me at a total of 44+ days of Whole30-style eating!

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