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Nursing - late night fruit cravings

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Ok, so I am on Round 2 of Whole 30, had just 1 day in between where I drank a few glasses of wine, :)

My baby is almost 8 months and baby led weaning but mostly getting their nutrition from breastmilk.  I've never had any supply issues really, and didn't during Whole30. When my baby was really young and I felt a bit "empty" and we were feeding like all night I would eat a bowl of oatmeal (with cocoa powder and coconut and sugar :huh: ) and I felt like it helped.  A few times in the last 2 weeks I have felt kind of that empty feeling when little one has been up nursing a lot all night (he has been going through some teething and just some weird change where he "sleep crawls" and not sleeping well. 

Okay, so my point is that I have some kind of instinct to want fruit during these nights - I have been having some thawed frozen mango, blueberries, with pumpkin seeds and coconut milk (carb + fat?).  However I am not sure if this is because:

(a) my body is telling me some simple carbs will help my supply

(B) pyschologically I think simple carbs and something sweet will help my supply because I feel like the sweet oatmeal did the trick previously (and by the way other than the oatmeal I was still eating paleo + dairy at that point).


And also I am wondering if I should instead have some kind of mini-meal if I'm hungry in the middle of the night after lots of nursing.  Honestly it doesn't seem appealing to me at that time.


Other thing is that I don't eat much fruit on Whole 30 and even for a while before I started - maybe 2-3 times a week a small piece with lunch plus I make a coleslaw with one chopped apple for a huge bowl that lasts many meals.  So it's not like I am sitting around eating fruit to satisfy a sugar craving.  But I don't want to fall down a slippery slope.


So sorry for a novel, just wondering, what others eat if they get those "I've been nursing forever and can't possibly have any more milk in me and I'm hungry" moments, and whether fruit + coconut milk + seeds is okay for nursing moms or fruit should be limited to a side to template meals only. 



Thanks to anyone who actually read this whole post! :)

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