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Finished My First Whole 30 And Started A New Relationship ...... With Food!


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It is hard to believe that thirty whole days have passed since I discovered the Whole30 and decided, on the spot, to commit to doing it. What appealed to me the most about the Whole30 is that it is designed to serve as a "system reset" for the body as well as a time for self reflection and healing work related to my relationship with food.

In order to put my Whole30 experience in context, here's a little background information. I am a stay at home mom to two wonderful little boys, one who will turn three in November and one who just turned six months old today. My six month old is breastfed, and began his journey into child led solid foods today. I keep a fairly busy schedule, taking care of the kids all day and then working as a freelance writer after they go to bed.

Prior to the Whole30, I was eating what I thought was a relatively healthy diet with fairly frequent treats like ice cream with hot fudge sauce and gluten free baked goods. I read labels, avoided sugar (except in treats, of course), and gave up gluten when I realized that it was bothering my breastfed baby. I started my Whole30 at my pre - pregnancy weight of 164 pounds, which is a bit much for my 5'5" frame.

During the Whole30 I enjoyed delicious food, and plenty of it. I can not say enough about how delicious the foods are. Following the plan came naturally to me, and unlike the experience of some people, no one had to tell me twice to go eat more fat. Red meat is one of my favorite foods, as are olives, avocados, and nuts. My new favorite breakfast is a plate of baby spinach topped with three fried eggs, black olives, and oil packed sun dried tomatoes. I get excited about meal planning and I have always enjoyed cooking, so that part came easily. It is easy to wrap my brain around following the Whole30 guidelines fairly closely after I finished the "official Whole30" because it just tastes good.

What's more, it looks good. I have lost 5 pounds and I want to be disappointed that I did not lose more, but instead I am feeling good about it because I did not feel deprived while the weight was coming off. It is especially amazing that I lost weight because I do not exercise regularly. I go out walking a couple of times each week, but we go slow because my three year old son would rather walk than be in a stroller sometimes. Even with this small weight loss, I feel totaly different. I feel more energetic and limber. I'm never sore despite wearing my 20 pound baby in a front pack all day long. My clothes fit differently, and I can put on some pairs of jeans that were too small a few weeks ago. Most of the weight must have some from my middle because I can see and feel a difference there.

I could go on and on, and could probably write an entire book about my experience. Thank you Melissa, Dallas, and everyone on the forums for inspiration and support. The foodie in me is happy and healthy, and I have truly transformed my relationship with food!!!!

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It is especially amazing that I lost weight because I do not exercise regularly. * * * I'm never sore despite wearing my 20 pound baby in a front pack all day long.

Uuumm, I'd say you exercise VERY regularly, carrying 20# in a front pack all day! Good job! (p.s., I'm going to put some black olives and sun dried tomatoes on my regular breakfast of eggs/spinach this morning :) )

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